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When you really want to get down to business you use this machine. This is the best of the best in business computers. Nothing has as much power as this. This is for business, this is the best.

Email us here if you want to purchase this product and give us the SKU code: [email protected]

System Specifications

CPU Fan = GlobalWin Dual Fan Cooler

Chassis Fan

CPU = AMD Athlon XP 2000+

M/B = Soltek SL75DRV4 Skt A

Case = ATX Case 2002 Midi Tower

RAM = 256Mb DDR PC2100

Hard Drive = 60Gb IBM 7200rpm

Graphics Card = 64Mb MSI Geforce 4MX 440

Floppy Disk Drive

CD-ROM = DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive

Keyboard & Mouse = Cordless Keyboard and Mouse


Natural Elite Keyboard and Intellimouse

Monitor = 17" Proview

Sound Card = Sound Blaster Live 5.1

Speakers = AR550 Proview Monitor Speakers

Modem = 56k Speedcom + Rockwell Internal PCI

Operating System = Windows XP Pro





Ultimate Pulsar




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