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The products here are just a few systems that will give you an idea of our prices and what we have to offer. But remember we are a customizable company and we can build you anything you want, so indulge yourself in our hardware section and have fun!

Please be aware that products will take up to 14 days ( for Computer System) or 8 days (for Components) to be delivered, because products need to be tested, and to be fitted if it is a system. If any problems arise with the products you have ordered we will contact you about them. Thank you.

Ultimate Evolution Gaming Computer

    This is the ultimate in gaming systems, it has the highest quality cases, the top graphics card and the highest form of processor. This is highest you can get to in the gaming world, nothing can beat this price also!

Ultimate Pulsar Business Computer

    This is the best in a business computer. It got the power its got the memory, its got the speed. It has everything a business person wants for his empire. All he has to do is look here and here it is the beauty that is.

Ultimate Fire Family Computer

    Whatever a family wants to do with its computer this is the computer to do it with, its balanced so perfectly with everything that the whole family can use it. It can do things like internet browsing to account filing to a power hungry game. This is the computer your family wants!

Hardware Price List

    This list will give you and view at what hardware we have to offer for you, so that if you want to request individual hardware pieces or you want to see what you can put into your customized computers, it is here where you should be looking. So have fun looking through our wide range of products.

Customized Computer Request Form

    In here you will be able to tell us what you want in your computer or just tell us what you want your computer to do. Please tell us everything you want so it will make it easier and smoother to build your computer.



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