Kayaking Introduction

Until about four and a half years ago when I was forced to give up because of an old trampolining back injury, I was kayaking on a regular basis (often 3 or 4 times a week) with the Guernsey Canoe Club.  Here are a few photographs from the years I spent on the water:

These first five photo's were taken at the Petit Saut Roquier / Grand Saut Roquier reef, approximately 1 mile north of Grandes Rocques on Guernsey's west coast.  When the swell runs from the right direction (between West and Northwest), the swells jacks up fairly well, to give a great break that winds up back in deep water (provided you don't run the wave in the wrong direction into the rocks at the heart of the reef!).

These two photo's were taken on a 1990 trip down to Jersey (22miles from Guernsey).  After paddling to Sark where we camped for the weekend, we paddled down to Jersey for about 5 days before returning.  During our stay we mainly lazed about, although we did do an overnight trip to Les Ecrehauts, a small (very small at high tide) group of islands in a reef about 6/7 miles East of Jersey.