Power Kiting - Introduction

For many years, my friend Carl Armitage (with whom I blow stuff up - see pyro section), has been into kite flying in a big way.  From stunt kites to windsocks to power kites, kite buggying and now kite surfing, he's had a bash at it all.

If having hobbies involving heights (climbing), explosives (pyrotechnics) and just plain silliness (kayaking) hadn't been enough, I decided to give the power kiting lark a bit of a go having seen Carl nipping up and down one of the local beaches at about 30mph in his buggy.

I'm planning on setting up a few galleries of pictures showing various aspects of power kiting, ranging from (i) kite surfing (which I've only had one real bash at so far); (ii) flying stacked power kites for jumps, scudding and "man-lifting"; (iii) buggying (including tandem and triple buggies); (iv) body-dragging (skimming across water on your stomach, draged by a power kite) and (v) Mountain Boarding (basically an overlarge steerable skateboard that you "surf" on land with a kite for power).

Unfortunately, most of the stuff I want to include in the gallery is on video and my camera's been lent to my brother... please check back shortly for the gallery.

In the meantime, check Carl's website for all your kiting needs and a few pics, or else Stephen "Sheepy" Mauger's homepage for a few more pics.   Ta.  (Links Page)