Pyro Display Setup

The following are a few photographs from the set up of the Liberation Day Fireworks Display on 9th May 1995, the 50th anniversary of liberation from occupying forces in the Second World War.  Apart from the Millennium Celebrations last year, it was the largest display seen in the island to date, and took place partly on Castle Cornet, and partly on the main harbour breakwater just below the castle.

All the larger displays (like this one) are set off using electric "detonators" and a large multi-channel firing board.  Smaller shows are fired by hand, when the maximum size mortar is up to 6" (150mm).

The 50th Lib Day display took our small team of volunteers (we don't get paid to enjoy ourselves despite the risk!) two days to set up, and only about 17 minutes to let off.  Racks of mortar tubes were secured together using wooden battens, before the shells were lowered into the tubes, fused, and rigged with electric "dets" ready for firing.  As there's always the possibility of a shower of two with Guernsey's maritime climate, we nearly always "bag up" with plastic bags/rain covers.