Pyrotechnics Introduction

Since about 1987 I have been part of a small select group of people that are privileged enough to be able to undertake professional pyrotechnic (firework) displays.

Initially working for Terry Macdonald from Jersey, and now for Standard Fireworks (Channel Island) Display Team, I have assisted with many displays each year from the annual Liberation Day and Battle of Flowers displays, to the 1988 International Pyrotechnics Seminar which was held in Jersey.  I also designed the display that was the culmination of Guernsey's Millennium Celebrations.

Despite having our own indepentant Governments here in the Channel Islands we are still linked to the UK Crown (HM Queen is the Duke of Normandy), and as a result we still observe the traditional 5th November Guy Fawkes festivities.  Each year this results in about 15 or 16 seperate displays around the island over the course of a few days for various club, society and charity events.

It's great fun, if hard work.