w h e r e  d o  y o u  w a n t  t o  g o  t o d a y ? *
a series of links for the discerning Tribes player...

General Tribes Stuff
Tribesplayer - Official website by Sierra and Dynamix. Useful for getting updates [you will need the latest version of Tribes to play, be warned!]
Tribalwar - It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone is invited. Plenty of useful things lurk around this site. Be careful not to accidentally download any Tribes 2 stuff from here... it's not always clearly marked.

Websites Of Other Tribes [controversial!]
[If you'd like to be listed here... send an email...!]

Scripting Stuff
Cowboy Scripts - Nice stuff going on here. Though he seems to be working more on the whole "Tribes 2" thang.
Zear's Scripts - As far as I am concerned, Zear is one of the big daddies of Tribes scripting. Salute him like you would me!
Writer Scripts - With information on the legendary autoaim.cs...!

Generally Useful Stuff... I Think
I love Linux. And I love this site... if you don't have Linux, go forth and download a copy. It'll change the way you think about Microsoft Windows forever.
Google - Hate to say it, but this is probably the best search engine ever created.


* Please note: this is not a Microsoft Endorsed Dull Illogical 'Orrible Crud Reprehensible Engimatic [MEDIOCRE] website. Sorry.