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A - Modified Fan housing
B - External power supply
C - Beer-cooled CPU

D - Fern powered PSU

E - Creative cablebloater
F - Blootooth Chipped
G - ESG (erroneous storage device)

We found that heineken was the best beer to use as the cpu coolant
mainly because drank all the other one, and no one liked heineken.

The Beer is Gas fed up to the cpu, where strangely it dissapears and needs to be replaced fairly frequently.


This main drive cooling fan cools the main drive, ahem

The main drive cooloing fan was taken from a ryans grandads morris minor, not sure if he knows yet or not

We went for an external PSU, as the FPU (fern proccessing unit), took up most of the space inside.

It has advantages such as, its east to replace when it breaks, ... watch this space !

The creative cablebloater, allows you to place wires anywhere you like, and using amaizing new nano-echnology, it tidys them for you.

As this is device is in alpha-test atm, we are not sure if these are the soundbloaters tidied ones or the ones we placed ourselves.

This is the chute that you place the ferns, the ferns are dissolved with some of the beer ( i think ) - and the gases are drawn into thte underside o the PSU, these are processed, by a highly secret device called a *&4£ - basically were not sure what the heck it does, and we plug it into the mains just incase anyhow.

This is the latest tech in bluetooth, it works in conjunction with the ESG (erroneous storage device)

This device communicates wirelessly with any storage device within 100 mtrs

ie - laptops, washingmachines, televisions, cameras, breadbins, cats, wives etc

This is the Bluetooth chip on the ESG (erroneous storage device)

You can place this device anywhere in the house, ours is behind the fridge.

The transfer rate varies depending on the amount of milk you have - dont ask why !

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