"Just 10 months ago, the only place I sang was in the shower at my home in Guernsey. Now, here I am recording an album in France. I really am the luckiest person I know. From the very first time I stood behind a microphone, I have been totally overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit and kindness of the many musicians I have met. In particular, I am eternally grateful to Paul Tongs who has not only borne the brunt of my musical obsession, but has also had the patience to feed it. It is his belief in me that has carried me further than my dreams ever did.
Thanks, pet.

Thanks also to Alex Frost, Kelvin Tulie, Christian Tezenas, Slawek Wojnarowski, Dave Fuller, Mark Guillou, Lynne Rihoy and Chris Morvan for setting me on the right road and holding my hand when it was bumpy. Merci, mille fois, to Louis Petrucciani for doing me the honour of playing on this album. Heartfelt thanks also to Mary Perkins and everyone in Specsavers Optical Group for their support and encouragement."