Who We've Helped

Since setting up the charity last year the Specsavers Children's Charitable Foundation (CCF) has raised nearly £18,000 and received applications for grants from nearly a dozen worthy causes.

Youth Quitline

Specsavers CCF sponsors the Guernsey Adolescent Non-Smoking Project's Youth Quitline, which provides support to young people trying to give up smoking.

Although there has been a significant decrease in the number of self-reported smoking among young people during the last few years, there is still much to be done, particularly for adolescent girls, where the incidence of smoking is on the increase.

Youth Quitline provides adolescents with a support bag and advice from trained counsellors.

Guernsey Welfare Service

Specsavers CCF gave a £1,000 donation to this charity, which provides support to needy people caught in the poverty trap in Guernsey. This includes the children of families hit by divorce, mental illness and alcoholism.

They also donated toys to the Welfare Service's Pre-School Playgroup for underprivileged children, which is run five mornings a week during term time.

Les Naftiaux Community Centre

Specsavers CCF paid for a minibus to transport members of the youth club on an educational trip to Derby.

Shiloh Church Youth Club

Specsavers CCF donated £200 to fund off island day trips for the youngsters this summer.


Specsavers CCF paid the term fees for two disadvantaged toddlers at Kinder and St Martin's Playgroups.

Family Holidays

Specsavers CCF paid for two children to go to EuroDisney and see the snow in Salzburg last Christmas with their parents—the mother has terminal cancer and wanted to give her children the holiday of a lifetime.