LATEST 14th August 2002


More new rules !!  5 to be exact, regarding craning your boat out. These appear to come into force from now, even though the crane drivers know nothing at present about them.
1) A competent Banksman will need to be employed by the crane contractor lifting the boat who will be responsible for directing the crane driver during the period of the lift. (
Result : Higher crane charges)

2)  No-one will be allowed beneath the vessel during a lift. (
How do you slip in the final spacers)

3)  No-one will be allowed to remain on the vessel during a lift. ( Possible but not necessarily practicable)

4) Vessels over 5 tons in weight  will not be allowed to be lifted over pontoons, slipways, etc. but will be required to lift alongside a harbour wall. Boats over 5 tons will therefore require trailering to their final position. ( How impracticable)

5)  The area encompassed by the radius of the swing of the crane will need to be temporarily barriered off to prevent persons not directly involved with the lift entering the area. ( Already happens with limited number of barriers available )

                                                                                                                                             WHAT CAN ONE SAY ?