A MARINA

With a Marina this would be cluttered with pontoons


When the States of Guernsey meet later this year or early next year they will only have one plan put before them and that will be to turn St Sampson's Harbour into a Marina.

With the rising tide of Public opposition to a Marina at St Sampson's we believe that an alternative plan should be put forward alongside the Marina plan.

This plan would involve the dredging and cleaning up of the harbour bed (which has to be done with the Marina plan) . The relaying of the moorings in a far more efficient manner , which would allow for a number of extra moorings in the harbour. Finally the negotiation of the current mooring fees to a slightly higher level to offset some of the expense..

The above alternative would give the States the option of listening to public opinion and keeping St Sampsons as a traditional working/drying harbour, should they so chose.

The Harbour Master has stated that the above proposal will be unworkable because of the toxic silt and the fact that once removed there will only be a rocky bottom remaining.
We maintain that with little effort and cost fresh sand could be replaced in the harbour and return it to its original glory . This would save it from becoming the cluttered environmentally unfriendly place that a Marina will create. Harbour bed life would soon re-establish itself and the harbour bed would become alive once more. Unfortunately it wouldn't make them a lot of money which is what they are all about???

We do not feel that the Board of Administration's arguments are entirely valid regarding the waiting list of approx. 400 people waiting for moorings. Now reduced to "over 300" Roger Berry after opening Longue Hougue. 05/04/02

Does this mean that as the list grows that Marinas will start appearing at Bordeaux and carry on working their way around the Island.

St Sampson's is becoming overstretched already both with the parking problems and with the number of boats it can lay-up during the winter period.

If its character and traditional assets are to be maintained, the last thing it needs is a Marina with an extra 200 boats in it.