The red light berth looking east

A NARROW APPROACH. With 200 extra boats in a marina and the pilots bringing cargo shipping through the narrow entrance, it can only add to the risk of an accident.

PARKING. The St Sampson's area already has a parking problem and that problem is already getting worse. To place another 200 boats in the harbour with their owners, friends and family driving down to go out for the day ( I accept not all boats go out at once) can only place an extra burden on already stretched facilities.

BOATS WINTER LAY-UP. 200 more boats to take up during the winter. All the St Sampson's yards were virtually full last winter. There will be extra space at Longue Hougue but there will be another 100 + boats extra in there wanting to come up in the winter. Where will they all go?

SECURITY. NONE. The Harbour authority will not be taking on more staff (so we are informed). The Police Force is so under strength it is rare to see a policeman on the Bridge for any length of time. The original idea of some form of entrance gates to the pontoons has been dropped in favour of less entrances. The incidents of vandalism around the Bridge have always been a worry, but up to now the boats have been protected by a layer of mud on the harbour bed.

POLLUTION. St Sampson's is a commercial Harbour and one expects some dirt and the boats do get very dirty in there. Its accepted by the present mooring holders and the mooring fees reflect it  to a certain extent although they are the equivalent to an equal mooring in St Peter Port. Will people paying over 1000-00 a year still be prepared  to accept it?

LONGUE HOUGUE INCINERATOR. An unknown quantity at this stage. It will certainly produce a large amount of extra heavy traffic to add to the Bridge's problems, as will MURA developments at Leale's Yard.

ENVIRONMENT & HERITAGE . The whole area of St Sampson's has a character of its own. The working, drying harbour is part of that character. Put a marina in and you have just another "plastic boat park" whose character doesn't change with the rise and fall of tide. The Tourist board have just adopted the slogan "Naturally Guernsey". We seem to be going out of our way to be "Unnaturally Guernsey". 

THE VIEWS OF THE PEOPLE. On the 10th July 2000 approx. 230 people attended a public meeting at the Vale Douzaine room. Approx. 220 people voted against the building of a Marina at St Sampson's. The meeting was played down by the Board of Administration. Sunday 2nd September 2001 a public meeting is called at the Crocq St Sampson's. Between 300 & 400 people attended and except for 2 or 3 , the crowd were overwhelmingly against a marina at St Sampson's.