Letters to the Press 24 Sept 2001. When will the States open their eyes and see what they are doing to this once lovely Island of ours. Do we want it like Jersey, over commercialised with all the character lost. Come on Guernsey People stand up for your rights before it is too late

Letters to the Press 22 Sept 2001. St Sampson's Harbour is part of the infrastructure of the Island. Every one in Guernsey is reliant on the Harbour operating for the import of bulk goods which can't be delivered in a container. I.e. oil , coal , gas , cement, timber and many other commodities. The cost of maintaining the harbour should surely be paid from general revenue and not from a small number of boat owners.

Letters to the Press 21 Sept 2001. One piece of Guernsey that is still the same from the time it was built is St Sampson's Harbour. Lets keep it that way.

LETTERS FROM EMILE 19 Sept 2001. The Tourist Board , they've launched their new idea to get tourists to come to Guernsey. Their advertising it as Natural Guernsey. I suppose they have to use the idea now, before they develop St Sampson's Harbour eh?

Letters to the Press 11 Sept 2001. The Island does not need Marinas from the Val des Terres to St Sampsons. Will they try Bordeaux next?

Letters to the Press 18 Sept 2001. We Islanders hope the powers that be will not play with St Sampson's historical harbour of great beauty by turning it into a modern toy boat bath tub for snobbery as to that of St Peter Port Marina.

Letters to the Press 17 Sept 2001. Last year the local holiday magazine invited visitors and locals to go to St Sampson's. Good shopping and a " quaint " harbour. If the Marina goes ahead it will be "quaint " no longer.

Guernsey Press interview with St Sampson's Pilot 6 Sept 2001.  St Sampson's Harbour is a thriving Commercial Port and a small decline in the number of ships using it should not be used as a smoke screen to develop a yacht Marina.

Guernsey Press quote of the day 4 Sept 2001. Dave Jones.  " We are in grave danger of losing a working harbour. It will be sacrificed on the altar of greed"

Guernsey Press . Member of the public quote after last St Meeting at the Crocq. "When the Island is covered in golf courses and marinas there is not going to be much to look at. The place is turning into a playground for the rich."

Guernsey Press Letters 19 Sept 2001. Yes, leave St Sampson's Harbour alone. We've lost the Royal, The Savoy, now the Old Prison and the Markets. Soon we will have no Heritage left because of greedy Politicians and developers.