15 November 2001 Guernsey Press Letters : What are we letting our Island turn into? Come and see real Guernsey. How about new Guernsey, because there isn't much left of old Guernsey. If this Island changes any more to suit the visitor, there won't be many real Guernsey people left either. Alan Roussell, Teleskill Discs, Market Street.

Nov 2001 Letters from Emile, an extract  by NEIL ROSS:
Cher Eugene,
You'd think they'd have the sense to put the waste separation plant by the incinerator, eh ? I suppose the traffic has got so bad now that big lorries taking stuff backwards and forwards between the two won't make any difference.
   If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny, Eugene. But when there's talk about turning a former growing vinery into a waste  separation plant, turning St Sampson's Harbour into a marina, and reclaiming a beach near the town for a car park, you have to wonder if the right people are looking after Guernsey, eh?

I think I'm beginning to see why Guy Fawkes started to get ideas, mon vieux.

A la prochaine,  your cousin Emile

Aerial view of St Sampsons & Longue Hougue. Courtesy of Brian  Green

24 Oct 2001. LETTERS FROM EMILE , an extract by kind permission of NEIL ROSS.
Cher Eugene,
I suppose that new marina, to St Sampson's harbour, will benefit tourists as well. It needs to, mon vieux, because I haven't heard many locals in favour, that's for sure. I thought they wanted a marina to make the area more attractive, but now they've decided to build the waste to energy plant just next door.

The Board of Admin., they're saying once its built people won't even notice its there. I'll tell you what, if its anything like Jack Torode's bonfires, they'll have to make sure the foghorns in France are in working order, them.
There's a planning inspector going to do a report as well, but he's from England, so what can you say? Bert, from L'Ancresse , was saying he hadn't heard about an Environmental Impact Assessment or Planning inspection for the marina to St Sampson's Harbour. That's strange eh ?
                                     A la prochaine
                                               your cousin Emile 

Guernsey Press letters 22/10/01 I fear that the addition of such a large amount of boats at St Sampson's would be highly detrimental both architecturally, aesthetically, and would create problems in residential areas. Let alone more pollution of the sea.
One smells a wiff of greed about this particular proposal.
Pat Moore. A frequent visitor to Guernsey.

Daily Telegraph Saturday 13th October 2001
Great drives
Richard Simpson drives around Guernsey passing through the
Attractive fishing village of St Sampson's.
My Comment: But for how much longer once it looks like every other Marina!!

Guernsey Press Fri 12th October 2001. Boats will be burnt if Marina goes ahead. Some boat owners will burn their vessels if a Marina development goes ahead at St Sampson's Harbour. Petitions around the Island are getting great support. " People comeand sign the petition without hesitation as they are fed up with what is going on.

25th Sept 2001. E-mail Against Marina. " I am still  a student and the youth of the Island will have to live with the mess they are making "