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Revs GTi-R Track Day

On the 30th of May the GTiR Owners Club teamed up with Revs magazine to   gather the largest recorded amount of privately owned GTiRs in the world.

Revs organised the event which was held at Three Sisters circuit at a price of 40 for unlimited track use. Everybody enjoyed the day and a big thank-you to the magazine for making it happen. The feature will appear in the August issue of the magazine which will be out at the beginning of July.

Congratulations and thanks to all the owners who put the effort in to drive up to Wigan and take a day off work but I think you were all pleased that you did.

Top count was a guaranteed 77 'Rs with at least 44 on the track - absolutely amazing.

After the day I realised that in the two years of GTiR ownership I've explored 0% of the cars handling until the Revs Track day this is.........

Thanks again everyone who turned up and to Revs for making this day possible, roll on the next one.....


  C l i c k o n p i c t u r e s f o r b i g g e r v e r s i o n



Pre-event excitement climaxed with about 25 'Rs in the hotel car park.

  The London massive gave it a big shout along the M1 on the Monday with 16 GTiRs in convoy - must have been a sight.



  Track time was thoroughly enjoyed by all, well almost..... We all learnt alot more about what our cars are capable of and had a great laugh going around the twisty track......sideways. It was also obvious that we have some very good drivers within the club. Big shout going out to Martin Bell, as every time I glanced on the track I saw the unmistakable URL stickers that graced his fine chariot(s)(another Ray Williams...). What was it again? Over 100miles of track time and 7mpg....... not bad for 40.


  Two men flashing their helmets.......



  Let the group shots begin. At least 76 (yes, seventy   six) GTiRs in one place at the same time, more than the official GTiR UK Quota!





  Was it worthwhile spending over half an hour parking the cars up? What d'ya reckon? (sorry about the bias towards my car but I'm only human, or am I?)