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Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets are monster sized Ignition Leads constituting a diameter of a massive 10mm and containing 6-Core’s of Silicone instead of the single core that manufacturers produce and call ‘high powered’.


Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets are tailor made for your particular vehicle be it from a 70Bhp motor to a monster pushing out in excess of 1000Bhp.


Our Features:


Our Primary Applications:

  If the lead sets for your particular model are not shown, please call us as we can customise for you.


The picture above depicts the results following an installation of Multi Power 6* Race and Rally Ignition Leads are immediate and dramatic.  Turning the key and starting the engine produces a 5-nanosecond burst of up to 800 amps of current at the spark plug gap.  This plasma ball ignites the fuel more precisely and more consistently.  The engine starts easier and runs smoother immediately.

  The Results:                

         Robust flame kernel

         More precise timing

         Extension of lean burn limit

         More complete combustion

         Stabilized peak pressures

         Cleaner engine performance


What Happens:  At peak combustion (see below), the high energy-density spark produces a flame kernel and flame front that propagates more quickly and completely through the fuel charge. 


This results in:

         Increased throttle response

         Better acceleration

         Improved fuel efficiency and

         Reduced emissions


Aftermarket High Energy 8mm Silicone Ignition Lead

With Multi Power 6* Race and Rally Ignition Leads


  Long-term benefits include:

         Reduced carbon build-up in the combustion chamber

         Extended service periods


Most importantly, although there exists variations and differences between engines, our leads are able to match almost any application in today’s race age.


Test have proven the power of Multi Power 6* Race and Rally Ignition Leads producing pickup, ignition consistency and cleaner combustion - all due to increased current at the instant of ignition.


A number of after-market Ignition leads are available these days and a chosen couple are quite good.  The 'performance ' leads range in diameter from 8mm to 10mm.


The thing to remember is that their thickness is solely due to over-kill on insulation and not because you are getting more power or a thicker core.  What you get is a thicker 'sleeve', which in-turn means more insulation and more resilience to heat.  This is all good, but what about a better spark?  You spend your hard-earned cash expecting something that will look the part as well as perform, but all you receive is pretty colours.


We want to provide you with leads that look great and perform even better.  We want to give you 6 times the spark and the best insulation that is attained from the latest in technology.  We give you Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets – After all no one can boast out technology and power – absolutely none.  We wont be beaten.


Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets have been primarily designed and manufactured for use on modern competition engines which require wires with high-capacity EMI suppressed conductors (which will not deteriorate with use or interfere with on-board electronic equipment, including engine management systems) and heat-resistant insulating jackets which are far superior to all other ignition wires currently proliferating the performance aftermarket.


Many of the companies supplying you exploit your knowledge by telling you of unrealistic power gains.  We have no fancy gimmicks, no ‘see-through’ cables, no fancy colours, no false promises, nothing we cannot prove etc.  What we supply you are quality, master craft and simply the best your money can buy.  We supply you with Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets that surpasses the rest.


In recent years, performance market ignition wire “improvements” by our competitors has amounted mostly to nothing other than copying each other.  Innovations of larger cable sizes (the insulation) and colour (particularly in the USA, Australia and UK), at the same time cutting manufacturing costs by using inferior materials and conductors are amongst the results you purchase. The need for EMI suppression by late model vehicles is simply addressed by our competitors by including words in advertisements and promotional material, which suggest there is EMI suppression.


Although our competitors' policy of selling cheap "low-resistance" conductor wires in the performance aftermarket is by no means unrealistic – simply because hundreds of millions of engines are still out there which are not electronically managed including older vehicles with none of the electronic on-board equipment are effected by EMI that Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets are designed to suppress.  Heat problems suffered by wires with insulating jackets vastly inferior to the jackets used on Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets can generally be overcome by fitting additional sleeves (which can cost as much, if not more, than the wire set itself) over the spark plug wires.  These Ignition Lead sets can be used on exhaust emission controlled road/fast road vehicles. 


Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets also improves and maintains ignition performance, even if a high-output ignition system is not fitted.


We use the very best conductors, which are used in ignition wires destined for race, rallying and performance street engines.  These are spiral conductors (a.k.a. mag, pro, super, spiral, monel, heli, energy, ferro, twin core etc.). Spiral conductors are constructed by winding fine wire around a core. In the case of Multi-Power 6* Race & Rally Ignition Lead Sets, you have 6-Cores - 6 times the power - 6 times the conductors.


Almost all manufacturers use constructions, which reduce production costs in an endeavour to offer ignition component marketers and mass-merchandisers cheaper prices than those of their competitors.


Efficiency means no wasted energy but energy converted into combustion in nanoseconds rather than microseconds.


Our competitors:      We don’t have any competitors – it’s that simple.


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