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Just who is on the committee?

Phil Cooper GU0SUP:
Phil spends most of his time using the digital modes, and is found in most of the RTTY contests.
He also enjoys PSK31 and Hellschrieber, and plays around with many related programs. Keen on computers as well, Phil has two P200 machines at home, one exclusively for the shack. A keen DX'er, Phil has recently obtained DXCC on RTTY, and also Worked all Zones on the same mode.


Keith le Boutillier GU6EFB:
Keith is very active on 6 metres, and also on satellite working.
He uses PSK31 a lot, and tries to be active in some of the VHF contests. Keith is also interested in computers, and their interaction with amateur radio.


Dave Eaton GU8ITE:
Dave seems to spend more time listening on various bands than actually operating, but he has been heard on 2 metres occasionally! He spends a lot of time trying out different software, and is a keen photographer.


Paul Wadley GU4YBW:
Paul is a QRP man through and through! He uses CW and SSB, and is still trying to obtain QRP DXCC. Paul is quite keen on building kit, and enjoys the delicate art of winding coils. Paul does try to participate in many QRP contests, and also enjoys the WARC bands. At the moment, we are trying to convert him to using PSK31.


Alan Rowsell GU1JFA:
Alan also spends more time listening, but he has been known to venture onto 2 metres from time to time. Another computer nut, he has networked PC's at home, and is no stranger to using FDISK!


Koos Scheffer GU0GUX:
Koos is mainly active on the HF bands using SSB, but is quite keen to play with PSK31. Another computer man, but then it seems that most of us are familiar with the inside of computer! Koos can often be found using 80m to chat with his brother in Holland, but does enjoya bit of DX'ing.


Bob Beebe GU4YOX is not actually a committee member, but he is our local RSGB Liaison Officer. Bob is a keen low-band DX'er, and also holds DXCC. Bob uses CW and SSB, and can often be found on the low bands early in the morning during the winter months.