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Please note that the spelling of our name changed from Slowan circa 1800.

These notes are given, in good faith, for the benefit of other researchers.

Statutory birth certificate located at Milton:-

 On October 23rd 1910, 6.00pm, at 14 Phoenix Park Terrace, Glasgow, my father, CHARLES ALEXANDER SLOAN  was born; son of John Ballantyne Sloan (Marine Engineer) and Mary Sloan m/s Alexander.
 Marriage of parents: 1908, June 20th, Stornoway.
 Informant: Mary Sloan, Mother.
( Re: 1908m/Stornoway 88/53)

 I remember attending the Wedding, in Springburn, in the late 1940's of my father's adopted brother, John.  He married a lady who I remember as Bina (not sure of spelling) and there was, I recall, a son called Teddy, aged about 5 at that time.  Teddy was presumably from an earlier marriage.

 I met once, about the same time, a cousin of my father called Ella.  She was badly scarred about the face as the result of a bad  burn received during her childhood from a candle. Ring any bells?  She came from Pitlochry and worked as head cook in  a large, apparently famous hotel elswhere in Scotland.

 My mother remembers visiting my father's auntie in Glasgow in the 1940's.  Her name was Sarah, m/s Sloan, married to a  veteran of the First World War.  Surname unknown.  She was, of course, the sister of my grandfather, John Ballantyne Sloan.

 My grandmother Mary lived at 246, Auchinairn Road, Auchinairn, Near Bishopbriggs in the 1940's up to her death in the 1960's.  I was overseas in Singapore when she died.  She was known then as Mary Milligan but I have no knowledge of her husband.  Perhaps he was a victim of World War Two.

 My mother has in the past mentioned relatives living on the north coast of Ireland.  I will report back on this soon, if at all possible.

Statutory Birth Indexes, Plantation, Glasgow 1884.

On September 29th 1884,10:45pm at 16, McLellan Street, Govan, JOHN BALLANTYNE SLOAN was born:  son of James Sloan (Sailmaker, Journeyman) and Barbara Sloan m/s Ballantyne.
Marriage of parents: 1883, September 21st, Plantation.
Informant: James Sloan, father, present.
(Ref: 1884b/Plantation 646/1/733)

1883 Plantation Marriage Register

On September 21st 1883, at Plantation House, Plantation Street, Govan, After Banns according to the Forms of Wesleyan Methodist Church;
JAMES SLOAN, (Sailmaker, Journeyman - bachelor), aged 23, of 103, Plantation Street, Govan; son of John Sloan (Night Watchman) and Marion Sloan m/s Heron
[marriage to]  BARBARA BALLANTYNE (spinster), aged 21, of 2, Shield's Terrace, Kinning Park; daughter of William Ballantyne  (Ploughman - deceased) and Sarah Larbert, previously Ballantyne m/s Ferrier.  Minister: Thomas Lawson, Weslyan Minister
Witnesses; Alexander Sloan, Janet Smart.
(Ref: 1883m/646/1/100)

Statutory Birth Indexes, Govan, Glasgow

On March 15th 1872, 4:30pm, at 10, Rutland Lane Govan, ARCHIBALD SLOAN was born; son of John Sloan  (Harbour Watchman) and Marion Sloan m/s Heron.
Marriage of parents: 1865, June 27th, Glasgow
Informant: Marion Sloan, "X" her mark, mother.
(Ref: 1872b/Govan 646/1/389)
This shows that young James Sloan (c1860) must have been born out of wed-lock as the above certificate shows that John Sloan and Marion Heron married in 1865.

1871 Census, Govan

2, Rutland Lane, Glasgow. April 3rd 1871.

John Sloan     (Head),         Married,     55, Carter,     b Troon, Ayrshire
Marion Sloan (Wife),          Married,     40,                 b Dailly, Ayrshire
John [sic]       (Son),           Unmarried  11,                  b Glasgow
Janet              (Daughter)    Unmarried    7, Scholar      b Glasgow
Alexander      (Son)            Unmarried    4,                   b Glasgow
 James           (Son)            Unmarried    2,                   b Glasgow

The Numerator seemingly made a mistake. John should be aged 2 and James aged 11 The Statutory Birth indexes confirm that a John Adams Sloan was born in 1868.

Here we have evidence of Archibald, born in 1872, after the census was taken.

1868 Tradeston Marriage Register

On June 27th 1865, at 27, Abbotsford Place, Glasgow, After Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland;
JOHN SLOAN (Bottle Manufacturer, Carter - bachelor), aged 47 (?) of 102, Crookston Street, Glasgow; son of James Sloan (Farm Labourer - deceased) and Ann Sloan m/s Andrew (deceased)
[marriage to]
MARION HERON (House Keeper - spinster), "X" her mark, aged 33 of 102 Crookston Street, Glasgow; daughter of Alexander Heron (House Proprietor) and Janet Heron m/s Forrester (deceased)
Minister: James Logan, Minister
Witnesses: George Christie, Catherine Chrystie [sic]
(Ref: 1865m/Tradeston 644/9/227)

1891 Plantation Statutory Death indexes

On May 11th, 1891, 6.10am, at 37, Plantation Street, Govan, JOHN SLOAN (Iron Yard Watchman, married to Marion Heron), died aged 75 years; son of James Sloan (Ploughman - deceased) and Ann Sloan m/s Andrew (deceased)
Cause: Softening of the Brain, Apoplexy, 4 years as certified by Archibald Pearson, MD.
Informant: Marion Sloan, "X" her mark, widow (present)
(Ref: 1891d/Plantation646/1/150

1864 Tradeston

On December 3rd 1864, at 1:30am, at 102, Crookston Street, Glasgow,ANN Sloan (Widow of James Sloan, Agricultural Labourer), died aged 77 years; daughter of david Andrew (Farmer - deceased) and Ann ----(blank)--- (dec.)
Cause: Old age, No Medical Attendant.
Informant: David Sloan, son, 2Hyde Park Street, Glasgow.
(Ref: 1864d/Tradesto 644/9/1274)        This puts Ann's date of birth circa 1787.

1815 Dundonald OPR's

Slowan (sic) John, son of James Slowan and Ann Andrew, spouses of Loans, was born the sixth and baptised the twelfth of December 1815.
(Ref: OPR/b/Dundonald 590/1)

1812 Dundonald

James Slowan (sic) and Ann Andrew, late servant to William Guthrie of Harper Land were married 8th December 1812.
(Ref: OPR/m/Dundonald 590/2)

1784 Dundonald

Slowan, James, son to James Slowan (sic) and Agnes Andrew, spouses at Lochgreen was baptised at Dundonald, April the 11th 1784.
(Ref: OPR/b/Dundonald 590/1)  This link has not yet been confirmed and is only a possibility.
There was also a brother called William at Troon, born 1st April 1787.

Only other entry found to date around this period is birth of Agnes Slowan on August 2nd 1780 to James Slowan and Janet Anderson in Gallies.  This shows that there were at least two James Slowans in the parish in the same decade.
 What a suprise!

Family Tree, to date, of Michael Charles Sloan

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather, James.
James SlowanB 11th Apr 1784 Dundonald  Married Ann Andrew 8th Dec 1812

My Great, Great Grandfather, John and siblings.
James Slowan B 30th Sept 1813, Loans
John Slowan B 6th Dec 1815, Loans M Marion Heron circa 1831
 Iron Yard Watchman
Margaret Slowan B 14th Feb 1819, Loans

My Great Grandfather, James and siblings.
James Sloan B 1860, Glasgow M Barbara Ballantyne 21 Sept 1883
Sailmaker, Journeyman
Janet Sloan B circa 1864, Glasgow
Alexander Sloan B circa 1867, Glasgow
John Sloan B circa 1869, Glasgow
Archibald Sloan B 15th Mar 1872, Govan

My Grandfather, John and sister.
John Ballantyne Sloan, B 29th Sept 1884, Govan. M Mary Alexander 20th June 1908
Marine Engineer
Sarah Sloan No further particulars

My Father
Charles Alexander Sloan B 23rd Oct 1910, Glasgow. M Ivy M Watson
Soldier, Fireman (Firefighter)
Adopted brother John. Married Bina, son Teddy, early 50's. No further details

Michael Charles Sloan B 17th Feb 1940. M Erika 1961, Teresa 1979
Major HM Forces, Schoolmaster

My Brothers and Sisters

Diana Margaret Sloan B 15th Mar 1945
Stewart Ballantyne Sloan B 26th Nov 1950
Heather Rosemary Sloan B 3rd Aug 1953
Pamela Ann Sloan B 19th Feb 1955
David Alexander Sloan B 31st Mar 1960

My children.
Heidi Marie B 5th May 1962, BMH Hostert
Charles Alexander B 19th Dec 1964, Plymouth
Andrew Jonathan B 9th Oct 1968, Plymouth
Geoffrey Stewart Christopher B 7th Jan 1985, Guernsey
Emily Marguerite Faith B 15th Jan 1988, Guernsey

Seven Grandchildren:-

Nicola,  Jennifer, Charlotte,  Matthew,  Mitchell,  Dominic, Kiera

The Pipes and Drums

The Army Apprentices' School, Arborfield.


Apprentice Corporal, later Pipe Major, M C Sloan!!

To be continued! Last update 30th April 2000

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