The Station

The main HF Station consists of a TEN-TEC Pegasus, Paragon and Titan linear.  The total permissable power is 26 dBW.  In addition, an Icom IC - 745 is used for Portable or Mobile operation.  Modes of operation are CW, RTTY, PSK31, FM and SSB.  PSK31 has been one of the favourite modes in use in recent times.  Zakanaka  is the PSK31 software in use.  This and Logger is offered as a download by Bob K4CY.  Bob incorporates the PSK31 software evolved and written by Peter, G3PLX.  Zakanaka interfaces with Logger, a logbook program also written and offered as freeware by Bob.  Well done and thank you, gentlemen.

The VHF/UHF Station is a TM-732E Dual band FM Tranceiver with an Alinco DR-110 in use for Packet Radio.  Due to the geographical location of Guernsey and my QTH being only 10M above sea level, operation is mainly confined to the Sunday After News Net on 145.750, usually around 09:45 local time.  The Guernsey UHF FM Repeater, GB3GU, provides almost total island-wide coverage.

Antennae in general use are:

High Frequency                                    3 Element Home Built tri-bander Yagi, using
                                                           Cushcraft traps, for 10, 15 and 20.

                                                           "WHN Special", wire sloper at 45, trapped 160m to
                                                            10m with two elevated radials.

                                                           Mast is a 40 ft Versatower.

VHF/UHF                                            Colinear

HF Yagi and "WHN Special" layout

The base of the tower is around 100m from the high water mark of the Atlantic Ocean.  Height of the top of the pole is 60ft.  It is possible to winch it higher but.........!

The home brew Yagi is at a height of 33ft.  The tip of one side of the director has just been blown off in the previous day's storm.

The 80m and 40m traps of the "WHN Special" can just be seen above and to the right of the Yagi.  The 160m loading wire passes over the top of the pole and slopes down the other side as a short top-loading section.  Opposing trapped radials run from the feed point at a height of 2.5m.   VSWR is 1.2:1 on 1.830 and very acceptable on 80m, 40m and even 30m, 14m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m.



Height to top of mast                                    50 feet

Ground                                                        Pure sand.  Very poor

Distance from Atlantic High Water mark        100 yards

Traps           Unadilla/Reyco KW40 and KW80CW

Balun           Unadilla/Reyco 160/10m 1:1

Wire 2.5mm pvc covered electrical solid core.  RG8 coax is used to feed the antenna.

All sloping wires at approximately 45 to the vertical.

Initial setup, all three elements

Feed point to 40m trap                                  32ft 6ins

40m trap to 80m trap                                    24ft 3ins

80m trap to end of 160m end loading             40ft 3ins

Change to top loading section

Top of 80m trap to top of mast                     9ft 3ins

End section                                                 25ft

VSWR Measurements

1.820                    1.4:1                14.025           2.5:1
1.830                    1.2:1                18.100           2.5:1
1.850                    1.4:1                21.250           1.3:1
3.675                    1.3:1                24.900           2.5:1
7.1                        1.1:1                28.400           1:1
10.125                  2.7:1

Please note that GU3WHN is going to be off air for an indeterminate period of time due to personal circumstances.
Normal service WILL be resumed.   73 de Mike

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