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The Islands and Parishes of Guernsey

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is divided into a number of islands and these are referred to individually.  In the case of Lihou, just off the main island, this is a part of the Parish of St Peter's.

On the main island of Guernsey there are ten Parishes.  The Parishes of St Sampson's and Torteval have detached areas, both within the same square as the main Parish.  St Martin's also had, or has, a small detached area in the middle of the Parish of St Andrew (about three small fields).  Once again, this is within the same square as the main Parish.  Brecqhou comes under the Sark Administration.

      St Andrew's       WV27  WV37      St Saviour's     WV27

        Castel              WV27  WV28      Torteval           WV27

                                WV37  WV38

        Forest              WV27  WV37      Torteval (Det)   WV27

        St Martin's      WV37                  Vale  WV37      WV38

        St Martin's (Det)         WV37      The Island of Alderney   WA50  WA60

        St Peter Port    WV37                 The Island of Brecqhou   WV48

        St Peter's         WV27                 The Island of Herm          WV37, 38, 47 & 48

        St Sampson's   WV38                 The Island of Jethou        WV37

        St Sampson's (Det)     WV38                                    

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