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The Channel Islands Dx Cluster

The GB7DXG Dxcluster is located in the parish of St Andrew's on the island of Guernsey.

The Dxcluster is running the Dxspider software by Dirk G1TLH. This is a windows based programme running on a Pentium P150 PC with 32 meg of ram, Dxspider is using the SV2AGW packet engine to interface to the AX25 user ports. The Dxcluster is linked to GB7BAA and thanks to the sysop Mike for allowing us to connect to the cluster network.

The Dxcluster currently has only 1 RF port this is on 144.900 Mhz at 1200 Baud running about 20 watts into a vertical dipole antenna.

Please take time to read the Dx cluster dosnddonts information, There is also available an a online Dxcluster user manual here.

If you need some software to use with your tnc try downloading WinDXmon this software is specifically for use with a Dx cluster and is easy to setup and use.

Please use the Dxcluster and make all the time and effort put in by various amateurs worth while.

73 Keith Sysop of GB7DXG


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