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Monday, 22 April 2002

Sorry the site hasn't been updated for so long but I've been messed around so much that I haven't had time to work on it.

Anyway, another successful  RNI is out the way. All of the cadets have preformed well, especially those of you in the guard who were impressed both Major Webley and LtCmdr Allow.

But don't rest yet! Field training is finally here and its time do some real work. Also, the liberation day parade is coming up quick (so keep your boots polished!).

Promotions and Awards

Here is a list of promotions that I can remember, if I have missed any out, then let me know and I will fix it straight away.

Recruit to Marine Cadet MC Webster MC Van Katwik
MC Taylor MC Le Tissier MC Mel Wilkins
Marine Cadet to Marine Cadet 2nd Class MC2 Cooper MC2 Mosely
Marine Cadet 2nd Class to Marine Cadet 1st Class MC1 Saunders (finally)  
Marine Cadet 1st Class to Cadet Lance Corporal L/Cpl Le Page  




Here is a list of all the awards that were won at this years RNI

Commanding Officers Prize MC2 Cooper
The Eskdale Shield for the best cadet in the field L/Cpl Bennington
The ??? Shield for the best cadet at First Aid MC1 Robert
The T.S. Sarnia Drill Shield Presented by Lt Col. L J Rawlins-Duquemin L/Cpl Bennington
The T.S. Sarnia Award, complete with a free trip on T.S. Royalist, for best Marine cadet of the year MC1 Le Page



5th January

Well, its the start of another year, and we are starting with some changes.

Instead of meeting on Tuesday nights, the detachment will now meet on Wednesday nights, between 7:00pm and 9:30pm

Also, Major Harris-Ward will take his position officially as OCMCD

Sgt. Jeff Senior now moves into the position of Unit Training Officer (UTO)

Promotions & Awards

There are no recent promotions or awards of note at this time.



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