Stress in Retirement
A Retirement Production

Professional Support
The film has been produced with the advice of a Consultant Psychologist and a Health Promotion Specialist and written and produced by a specialist adviser on all aspects of Retirement accustomed to running courses on Stress in Retirement.
The film is based on the A,B,C approach to tackling stress. How to be, "A", aware of stress and recognise when you are stressed. How to, "B", balance the stresses in your life. How to, "C", cope with stress.
A Psychologist and a Health Promotion expert introduce the subject professionally while a narrator links together their advice with the illustrations given through short sketches and interviews with retired people.
The most common stresses affecting retired people are covered and their possible psychological and physical effects. The flight or fight response to stress is described. Approaches to balancing stresses and coping with stress cover many of the stress proofers - relaxation, physical exercise, communication, self talk, perception, assertiveness, avoidance of stress, friendship, setting limits, defining priorities.
The film gives an overview of relaxation techniques and exercise classes so that viewers may be encouraged to explore these further.
A positive outlook on retirement is emphasised throughout.

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