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Added new gateway from D A E D A L U S

Sorry about the delay But I've been having some problems with my ISP.
Some people have been having problems with the rar file so Here are separate links to the 2 files just put them in the same Directory.

File1   File2


Click the above to start

Hack3rz Hunt starts soon watch this space.

I'm changing The name of Gateway Definition Maker to Gateway Coord Plotter to stop any confusion with Reason's great new program.   Added Pocketgate to the Gateway downloads.  My favorite so far.

I've had some requests for the source code for the 'GDM'. So I'll put it on the downloads page. One thing to note, Is that I don't know if it will be any good to anybody as it's written in Clarion 5.5 check out this link for more information  about  http://www.softvelocity.com/products/pr_clarionent.htm

Version 1.5 of Gateway Definition Maker is now available to download.  Please download the latest runtimes. I've with drawn the 16bit as to many people were having problems with it. Also added Europe Map mod and a Real component mod.

Welcome to my new and improved site.
Version 1.4 of  Gateway Definition Maker is now available to download. I've changed the way I compile the program to reduce the size of updates so try the 16bit it should work Ok on most O/S. You may get the odd crash on Windows 2000. If you do move to the 32bit exe.


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