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1. There was an old lady from spain
Who Survived a hurricane
She broke a leg
And used a peg
To take away the pain!

2. There was an old man from Peru
Who swallowed a dollop of poo
He spat it out quick
Before he was sick
And found himself there at the loo.

3. There once was a boy called freddie
Who ate several helpings of Jelly
Then rhubarb and custard
And sausage and mustard
Which gave him a pain in the belly.

4. There was an old man from New Delih
Who had a fat wobbly belly
It wobbled so much
It hurt to touch
It must have been full up of Jelly

5. There was a young horse called Smarty
Who went to the National Party
He jumped all the fences
And lost all his senses
And ended up doing Karate!!

6. There was an old man from Blackheath
Who sat on a set of false teeth
Said he with a start
Oh lord bless my heart
I've bitten myself underneath!


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