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Poetry Zone
This is a fantastic site compiled by the poet Roger Stevens. An excellent opportunity for children aged 4 - 16 to get their poems published on the site via email.

The Education Help Zone
A great site containing information and ideas about many topics including some places of interst. It contains curriculum matters and special needs

The Resource Zone
In connection with the Education Help Zone, this site offers downloadable activities and worksheets, including useful information

Bird Watching
A great site about bird watching. includes a quiz about birds and their habitats.

An excellent site for sending FREE e-cards to your friends for any occasion. The pictures are great and the design of this site is very simple but colourful, making it ever so easy to use.

Poetry for Kids
A poetry site with lots of hilarious poems for kids.

Funny Poetry For Kids
Another great site with lots of funny poetry for children of all ages. Opportunity to send poems via e-mail.

Amherst Junior School
A site full of intersesting information about Amherst Junior School with pictures of pupils' best work.

Golden Unicorn Poetry
A good site, although in french can be translated underneath. Allows you to submit your own poems.
UK children's author and poet Andrea Shavick's website has lots of poems to read. You can send in your own too.