Guy Fawkes Night Poems

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Fireworks (1)
Firing, exploding rockets
Icing up in the air
Roaring, cracking spitting out fire
Echoing crashing through the air
Whirring swirling wagon wheels
Out come smashing sparklers
Raging fireworks
Kite shape whizzing
Swirling whirling through the sky.

©David Down

Fireworks (2)

Frazzling frizzling rockets are sizzling.
Ironically up in the air
Raging, roaring splitting pouring
Echoing of screeching colours are meeting
Whirling whining gold and silver are shining
Obediently following its colour scheme
Rabbling, running its plans are cunning
Keen with its kingdom of colours so bright to beat the other colours it will fight
Sparkling swirling through the night sky.

©Francesca Folmi

Fireworks (3)

Fireworks zinging rockets, bang, bang, bang
Incredibly huge exploding rockets
Roaring fireworks shooting in the sky
Electric yellow sparks shooting
Worrying fireworks, banging
Olive green shoots with a zing
Roaring Catherine wheels sparkling
Kite-shapes whizzing high above,
Swirling, whirring through the sky.

©Harry Love

Fireworks (4)

Firing screeching in the sky
Incredible splitting sounds
Roaring as they
Whizzing up in no time at all
Over tree tops like a bird
Roaring loud noises
Killing peoples silence
Sizzling in the sky.

©Gary Chick