Story Jokes

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There was this boy in my class and he didn't know his alphabet. So his teacher said "learn your alphabet by tomorrow morning."
So he went home and asked his mum "What's the alphabet?" and she said,
"Get Lost!" so he thought that was 'a'. He went to his sister and asked what the alphabet was. She was listening to music and said, "yeah!!" He thought that was 'b'. He went to his brother who was watching Superman on television and said, "What's the alphabet?" His brother replied "Superman!" He thought that was 'c'. Finally, he went to his dad who was playing darts and he said, "What's the alphabet?" his dad said, "one hundred and eighty!" He thought that was 'd'
The following morning he went to his teacher who asked for the alphabet. He said,"get lost". His teacher then said, "do you want to go to the head?" he said, "yeah!!" "Who do you think you are?" said the teacher angrily, "Superman!!", he replied. "How many times do you want to get told off?" Said his teacher, "one hundred and eighty", he replied.

There was an english man, an irish man, and a scots man, and they all went to the desert. They were only allowed to take one thing each. The english man took a bottle of water to drink. The Irish man took a hat to fan himself, and the scots man took a car door so that when it got hot he could wind the window down.

There was an english cat named 123 and a french cat named un deux trois. They decided to have a swimming race. Which cat won?
The english cat because un deux trois quatre cinq! (un deux trois cat sank!!)

Mary Poppins went out to a restaurant, and ordered Lobster and Cauliflower Cheese. After she had eaten it, the Manager came over and said, "How was your meal madam? "And she said,"SuperCauliflowercheesebutLobsterwasAtrocious!"