Full guide for Pokemon Silver and Gold

Home Page

Go downstairs and talk to your mother.  She will ask you what day it is, then give you your Pokégear and tell you how to use it.  She will tell you to come and see her if you want to change the clock to another time zone.  Then she will ask you if you'd like her to save money for you. Say yes, as sometimes she will buy good items for you with the money you have saved.  You can get at your savings any time by talking to her.  .Exit the house and go up to the big building.  This is the lab.  Notice in the top right corner the moody guy who will push you away if you talk to him.  This is your new rival, who you will meet later.  Go into the lab and talk to Prof. Elm.  Choose your starting Pokémon from the table.  The Pokémon are from left to right; fire (Cyndaquil), water (Totodile), plant (Chikorita).  My recommendation for newcomers to the gold version is Cyndaquil.  Like Bulbasaur in the previous verisons, he makes his first evolution faster than the other two (although his second evolution takes longer).  Totodile is also good, but Chikorita will have problems with the first Gym...

You can use the machine on the left to heal Pokémon.  Your Pokémon also has a Berry already equipped to it.  When it becomes weak in battle (in the red on its HP meter), the Berry will automatically heal 20HP.  As you leave, the aide will give you some potion.  Once you have it, leave New Bark Town and go west towards the next town.  The new option 'Pokémon' will appear at the top of your start menu.  Later 'Pokédex' will appear above it.  Prof Elm's number is in your phone book.  Go and visit him.  He is beyond the first route.  


Route 29

West of New Bark Town is Route 29.  Try and get into fights in the grass, as your Pokémon will need the experience.  You will find Sentret, Pidgey (day), Hoothoot (night) and Rattata in this area.  At the top is a gatehouse to Route 46.  You can only travel southwards down Route 46, so it won't get you anywhere, but in the grass you can catch Geodude, Spearow and Rattata.  Don't forget to get a free Berry from the flower by Cherrygrove Town enterance.


Cherrygrove Town

When you reach the next town, go into the Pokémon centre (now labelled PC) and heal your Pokémon.  Don't bother with the shop unless you need potions.  They won't sell you Pokéballs yet.  Talk to the old man at the town enterance.  He will show you all the sights of the town.  Notice the route numbers follow on from the old game.  When he has finished, he will give you a map.  There is nothing else interesting here, so go north out of the town on route 30.  


Route 30

You will find Caterpie (gold, day), Spinarak (gold, night), Pidgey (day), Hoothoot (night), Ledyba (silver) and Weedle (silver, day) here.  In the first house a boy will give you a free Berry, and check the flower by his house for another free Berry.  Go in the second house you come to, which is another lab.  Prof Oak is in here.  Talk to him and the other man to get your Pokédex.  Prof Oak also gives you an egg that Prof Elm wants.  Oak then leaves for the Radio tower in Goldenrod City.  When you leave you will get a call from Elm, telling you to hurry back, as there has been an incident.  Collect an Psncureberry from the flower to your left, then head south to return to New Bark Town.   


Your New Rival

Just as you enter Route 29, the moody guy will attack.  As yet he has no name.  This is easier than your first rival battle in R/B as you have had the chance to raise your Pokémon a little, while his is still at level 5.  My level 8 Totodile whipped his Chikoita easily.  Return to the lab.  A policeman is talking to Elm.  Your rival stole the Pokémon he had.  The policeman asks if you have seen him before, and what his name is.  You give Elm the egg.  As you leave, the aide will give you 5 Pokéballs.  He tells you to search for your rival.   As you leave New Bark town you meet a boy who shows you how to catch Pokémon.  

Go back to Cherrygrove Town, then go north again onto route 30.  This time bear left.  The boys with Pokémon that blocked your way before are gone.  Go up then when you see the cave, left.  

Route 31

The cave you saw is Dark Cave, but you can't get anywhere in it without HM05-Flash, HM03-Surf and TM08-Rock Smash.

If you didn't pick Chikorita, catch a Bellsprout on this route.  Then head west to the next town.  There are many trainers on the way, and you can collect the phone number of a bug catcher. You can collect the numbers of many trainers by talking to them after you have beaten them in a battle. They will call you now and again for a re-match, or just to talk. This can get very annoying, but is a good way of earning some extra cash by beating the same trainers over and over. Store the tougher trainers and delete the weaker ones: you get more EXP and cash from harder battles. Make sure you keep you Mom's number (She will call if she has bought something for you), Prof Elm's (He will sometimes hint what you should be doing next) and Bill's (He will call when the current PC box is full). Also store the number of the trainer on route 36, as he will occasionally tell you hints about where certain Pokémon are found.



Violet Town

The first gym is here.  All the Pokémon are birds.   The Gym Leader is Falkner, with Pidgey and Pidgeotto.  Since you won't have been able to catch any electric Pokémon yet, I would suggest using Geodude.  Your Pokémon may need a little raising first.  If so, head north to Sprout Tower.  There are lots of trainers who are fairly easy to beat here.  You will also fight your rival at the end.  Win and a man will give you HM05-Flash.  You will need this later.  When you have won the Zephyr Badge, go back to the Pokécentre, and deposit one of your Pokémon, so you have a space in your line-up.  Go outside and one of Elm's aides will be there.  He tells you Elm wanted you to have the egg you collected earlier.  It will be added to your Pokémon line-up.  If you carry it with you for long enough, it will hatch....


Ruins of Alph

Once you have the Zephyr Badge, head south out of town.  To the west is an ancient tomb, through the lower cave enterance.  There are lots of people inside, all looking for the Heiroglyph Pokémon, Unown.  But there aren't any to be found.  Outside is a lab where they are studying Unown.  Go in the upper cave and there is a puzzle.  Complete it to look like a Kabuto (click here to see) and you will fall back into the tomb.  All the people have gone, and you can catch your first set of Unowns.  There are 26 varieties, but you won't be able to catch them all yet.  Once you have caught 3 different shapes, talk to the people in the lab and they will give you a special Pokédex Up-grade which allows you to see the types you have caught so far.  To access it, press select in the Pokédex, and choose the bottom option.  There are another 3 puzzles nearby, each opens up a new set of Unowns.  But you can't get to the other puzzles without HM04-Strength and HM03-Surf, so leave for now.  Go east onto Route 32

Route 32

In the grass here you can catch Mareep (your first electric Pokémon, don't miss it!),  Hoppip (day), Wooper (night) and Zubat (night) and Ekans (silver).  Upaa will be your first water Pokémon, unless you picked Totodile.  Be sure to fight the fishermen, they only have Magikarp, so are easy.  Heal at the Pokémon centre.  Talk to the fisherman in the centre.  He will give you old rod.  All you can catch with it is Magikarp, so it isn't really your best find in the game!!  On Fridays, Fredia will be above the Pokécentre and will give you Poison Barb.  The man at the top of the route will give you TM05, but you need HM01-Cut to get to him, so come back later.


Union Cave

It is quite short and leads to the next town.  Catch Sandshrew (gold) and Onix here!!  Go up the ladder before leaving to get TM39, and X-Defend.  You'll need to come back here when you've got HM03-Surf and HM04-Strength.


Azalea Town

Route 33 is short, with only one trainer, so you'll reach the town fairly quickly.  When in the town, you will find Rockets everywhere (yes, they're back).  Talk to Ganetsu, the old man.  He makes special Pokéballs from apricorns, and is very upset.  He is trying to save the Slowpoke's being held captive by Team Rocket, and asks you to help.  He leaves and heads for Slowpoke Well, which you just saw outside the town.  He removes the Rocket who was blocking it.  It was about this time that my egg hatched.  Ta-da!  Your very own Togepi.  Now go and deposit it in the PC immediately as it is rubbish and doesn't learn any good attacks other than Metronome and Double Edge.  It evolves when it is happy enough into Togetic, but it doesn't get much better even then.  It is NOT a psychic type like it is in the cartoon.


Slowpoke Well

Go into the cave and defeat all the Rockets.  Ganetsu and the Slowpokes will thank you.  Go back to Ganetsu's lab and he will give you a Lure Ball.  This is good at catching Pokémon which have been hooked by a rod (like you were having trouble catching Magikarp!).  He will make other Pokéballs if you give him different coloured Apricorns:


Seed Colour Pokéball Awarded Pokémon used for
Wht Apricorn Fast Ball Fast Pokémon (I wish I had one of them when trying to catch Abra in R/B)
Red Apricorn Level Ball Pokémon which are the same level as yours
Blu Apricorn Lure Ball Pokémon caught with a rod
Ylw Apricorn Moon Ball Odd 'Moon type' Pokémon like Clefairy, Jigglypuff etc.
Grn Apricorn Friend Ball Pokémon of a similar type to the one you are using, eg to catch a Charmeleon when you are using a Charmander.
Blk Apricorn Heavy Ball Heavy Pokémon like Onix and other rock/steel types, or a big fat Snorlax
Pnk Apricorn Love Ball Pokémon of the opposite sex

The seeds are found on Route 37 and Route 42

All the Rockets are gone, so go to the gym and defeat the leader, Bugsy.  She has Kakuna, Metapod and Scyther, so use flying or fire.  You will recieve TM49, and the badge allows you to use HM01-Cut and control Pokémon up to level 30.  Leave town west, and fight your rival again.   


Ilex Forest

The forest has more Pokémon for you to catch, like Oddish and the rare Paras.  You can't get out of the forest as there is a bush in you way.  By it are two boys, who are looking for a Farfetch'd.  Go right and you should see it.  Every time you 'talk' to it, it runs away.  Keep pestering it and it will run into the two trainers.  Talk to them and one will give you HM01-Cut.  Teach it to a Pokémon, then cut down the bush to the north and get onto Route Goldenrod City.  Search the forest for TM02, which a boy in the bottom right corner will give you.  HM02 lets you Headbutt small trees, and sometimes rare Pokémon will fall out.  Talk to the girl in the house to get TM12.  

Route 34

More trainers to fight, and your first chance to catch a Psychic Pokémon!  If you want a good fighter almost straight away, catch a Drowzee.  If you are willing to be more patient, look for a rarer Abra, which will be much stronger when it evolves.  If you are very lucky, you could even get a wild Kadabra.  You can also get a Ditto here.  Towards the city gatehouse is a house.  This is where Pokémon are bred.  Give a male Pokémon to the man inside, and a female Pokémon to the woman.  Return in an hour and you will get an egg, like the Togepi one, if the two Pokémon were compatible.  When it hatches you will get a new Pokémon!!  You will be charged when recieving the egg.  The Pokémon parents also raise levels, like they would in the daycare centre.  You will be charged for taking them back also, depending on how many levels they have raised through.  Click Here to find out more about Breeding.


Goldenrod City

This big city is like Celadon.  Look in all the houses.  You get a free bike in the bike shop, as it has gone broke.  There is a big shop like the one in Celadon where you can buy lots of equipment.  Go to 'Radio Tower'.  Talk to the woman in here and answer her questions yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no.  You will now be able to receive radio transmissions in your computer.  On the left hand side of the city is the Underground tunnel.  You will find the coin case down here, allowing you to play the slot machines.  There is also a person who will give haircuts to your Pokémon, which makes them happier.  Pokémon which evolve through happiness are more likely to evolve after this treatment.

In Game Corner, there is a new game as well as the old fruit machine one.  It is 'Who's that Pokémon?'.  You bet three coins, then pick one of the two cards.  You have to guess which Pokémon it will be out of 4, and which level it will be, 1-6.  You can pick a type of Pokémon (1 column), 2 types of Pokémon (2 Columns), a single level (1 row), 2 levels (2 rows), or a single Pokémon and level.  If the Pokémon on your card is within the selection you made, you win:


Bet on Prize
Single Pokémon and level (e.g. level 3 Jigglypuff) 24 x bet
Single level (e.g. any Pokémon level 1) 6 x bet
Single Pokémon (e.g. any level Pikachu) 4 x bet
2 levels (e.g. any Pokémon level 5 or 6) 3 x bet
2 Pokémon (e.g. any level Oddish or Poliwag) 2 x bet

The slot machines are also slightly different.  They are fixed even more than previously, but if you get two sevens in a row and the third close, a really nice Chansey might come along and egg bomb the last slot until it lands on seven!

Exchange your coins for the following prizes:

Girl on left    TM25 - 5500 coins,  TM14 - 5500 coins,  TM38 - 5500 coins

Girl on right     Abra - 200 coins,  Ekans (gold)  Sandshrew (silver) - 700 coins,  Dratini - 2100 coins

Next, go to the gym.  All the Pokémon are normal type, and not too difficult.  The leader, Whitney has Clefairy and Miltank.  Miltank is tough. She is high level and has very powerful attacks.  Don't use a male Pokémon or she will charm it into submission.  After winning, Whitney says you cheated and won't give you the badge.  Start to head out and a trainer will tell you to be nicer to her.  Talk to Whitney again and she will give you the plains badge which lets you use strength.  You will also get TM45.  

Next, talk to the flower lady in the greenhouse to the right of the gym to receive some squirtle ointment.  She says it is very good for plants.  You will need this later.  In the house below this, talk to the woman.  She will look at the first Pokémon in your line-up, and give you an idea of how happy it is.  If you want a new TM, Go back to the Pokécentre and deposit a Pokémon to leave a space.  Go north into the gatehouse and talk to the guard.  He will give you a Spearow with mail for his brother attatched to it.  His brother is the fat man by the tree on Route 31.  Put the Spearow at the top of your line-up and talk to him.  He gives you TM50.  Go back to Goldenrod and head North, onto Route 35.





Route 35

There are more Psychic Pokémon in the grass here, as well as Nidoran, and the usual brace of trainers.  You can use cut to go straight onto Route 36, but it's worthwhile going into the gatehouse at the top of this route instead.  There are some interesting things inside.....

National Park

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays a Bug Catcher's Tournament is taking place and you will be invited to take part.  You can catch almost all the bug Pokémon in the grass on these days.  This is the only place you can catch Weedle in gold and Caterpie in silver.  Sometimes you will also see there evolved forms, Beedrill and Butterfree.  You get to take your first Pokémon from your line-up with you.  You get 20 park balls, like safari balls.  You only get to take the first Pokémon in your line up with you.  Use it to weaken the enemy bugs.  Catch the best bug you can, then press start to finish.  You will be judged against all the other bug catchers.  If you caught the best one (like Scyther or Pinsir)  you win a prize.



Place Prize
1st Sun Stone (evolves some grass types)
2nd Everstone (prevents a Pokémon evolving)
3rd Gold Berry (restores 40HP)
Not placed Berry (restores 20HP)

You can also catch Sunkern in the grass, as well as a load of common birds and bugs to your version.

Don't forget to pick up the items around the outside.  Right by the guy playing his GB there is a gap in the fence.  This allows you access to all those items you can see but could't get to.  Also speak to the girl with the Houndour to get a Quick Claw.  Attack this to a Pokémon to make them get the first hit more often. Once you have everything you need, exit through the East gatehouse.

Route 36

A short route, with only 2 trainers.  If you didn't pick Cyndaquil at the start, make sure you catch a Growlithe (gold) or Vulpix (silver) here, as it will be your first fire type Pokémon.  Collectors keep your eye out for the new Pokémon, Stantler, which you can't catch anywhere else.  You will come to the small shaking tree you may have seen earlier.  This is Sudowoodo.  Save the game.  Press A while standing next to it. You will use your Squirtbottle on it.  This makes it wake up and attack.  It is level 20 and quite strong.  Try and catch it, as it is the only one in the game.  You can get back to Violet by going right.  Also there is a man here who will give you TM08-Rock Smash.  This can be used out of battle to break the big rocks you may have seen blocking your way in Dark Cave.   

Route 37

There are some more seeds for the special Pokéballs in the 3 flowers here.  There are also a couple more trainers.  Other than that there is nothing new, so continue to the next city.



Ecruteak City

Go to the Pokémon Centre to meet your Rival again.  He won't challenge you.  The house to the left is where you will get Itemfinder.  In the house by the old man you can fight the Eevee Sisters.  They all have a different evolution of Eevee. There are 5 types, water (Vaporeon), electric (Jolteon), fire (Flareon), Psycic (Espeon), and Dark (Umbreon), so you will need a well-balanced team.  Talk to the man afterwards to receive your prize, HM03-Surf.  There are two temples in this town.  One is Tin Tower, acessed through an underground passage.  This is where Ho-oh will appear later, but there's nothing of interest there now.  Head to the other temple, Burned Tower, to the north.  Break the rocks with TM08.  Fall down the hole in the middle.  You will see three Pokémon statues come to life and jump away.  These are the three 'Legendary dogs' - Raikou, Entei and Suicune.  They are Electric, Fire and Water types, and similar to the Legendary birds.  Once you have woken them up, you might run into them at any time in the new world.  They are all level 40.  They won't fight you, but will run away first go.  Once you have woken them, it's gym time!

This city has the Ghost gym.  You can only take one route to get to the leader.  Most black squares on the ground will return you to the start.  Defeat the leader for the Fog Badge.  This lets you control Pokémon up to Level 50.  You also get TM30-Shadow Ball.  Not much else to do here for now, so leave the city by the West exit.

Route 38

If you were impressed by Miltank's earlier performance, then catch one for yourself here.  You can also catch her male counterpart, Tauros.  If you're very lucky, you'll find a Snubbull.  They're very rare, but you can't get 'em anywhere else.  There are also rare Farfetch'd and more common Magnemites around.  Fight the trainers here, then carry on west until you reach the Miltank farm.

Route 39

There is trouble on Miltank farm.  One of the Miltanks is sick.  She is in the hut on the left with two girls.  Press A against the Pokémon, then answer yes to give it Berrys to heal it.  About 15 will do.  The Pokémon keeps saying it is feeling better, but still has a weak cry.  Just keep feeding it Berrys until it is well.  Then go next door.  Talk to the man to buy some milk for $500 (how very Zelda!) and to the woman to receive TM13-Snore.  Then carry on south onto Route 39 for some more trainer battles, then go straight into the next City.


Oilvine City

There is no point in going to the gym yet, as the gym leader is missing.  Go into the Pokécentre and heal up.  Go into the house on the left of the centre and talk to the people inside.  You will receive HM04-Strength.  There is a light house to the south.  Inside are lots of trainers, some items, and the Gym Leader, Jasmine is here.  The Ampharos which lights the lightouse is ill.  Jasmine asks if you could get some medicine for it.  Head west again.  You will see three rocks.  Smash them with TM08 to find some cool Pokémon, like Krabby and Shuckle.  Krabby is particularly useful because it can learn HM01-Cut, HM03-Surf, HM04-Strength, and HM06-Whirlpool.  I normally teach it all of these, then keep it in my line up as a utility Pokémon.  Once you have everything you need, surf south out of the City.

Route 40

This water route is jam-packed with swimmers, so have an electric type at the top of your line-up to dispose of them quickly.  Soon you will come across Whirl Islands.  There are lots of good water Pokémon inside, but you can't enter the Islands without HM06-Whirlpool.  Once you hit the islands, bear west to get onto the next route.

Route 41

More swimmers, and a chance to catch Mantine in the gold version.  Other than that it's pretty dull, so keep heading west.


Cianwood City

If you didn't get a Tsubotsubo before, go into the house next to the Pokécentre with an empty space fo a free one.  Talk to the guy in the shop.  He sells medicines, and when you tell him about Jasmine being ill, he gives you a special one for her.  There are more rocks to break to the north, but not much else interesting.  Go to the Gym.  The Leader is Chuck.  You need HM04-Strength to find your way to him.  Beat him to earn the Storm badge.  It lets you control Pokémon up to level 70.  You will also get TM01-Explosive Punch.  Talk to the woman outside the Gym to get HM02-Fly.  If you don't fancy facing all those Tentacools and Tentacruels on Route 40 and 41 again, use it now.  Teach it to a flying Pokémon and fly back to Oilvine City.


Oilvine City (again)

Return to the Light House.  Give the Secret Potion to Jasmine and head to the Gym.  You can now fight her.  She uses steel types, which are very weak against fire.  Win for the Mineral Badge and TM23-Iron Tail.  Head east, back through Ecruteak City and onto Route 42.

Route 42

Pick up the Super potion, then surf east.  Use Cut to get to the three flowers, which contain more apricorns for special Pokéballs.  In the water you will find Goldeen and Seaking.  In the grass, pick up a Mankey (gold) or Meowth (silver).  There are also some trainers to fight, and you can see the enterance caves to Mount Mortar.  You can just surf to Mahogany Town and not bother with Mount Mortar right now.  The only thing worth getting in there at the moment is a Marill.  Later, when you have HM07-Waterfall, you'll be able to get a Tyrogue and some good items.

Mahogany Town

Choju is full of Rockets.  You can't enter the gym yet, so heal up then head North towards Lake of Rage straight away.

Route 43

Lots of good Pokémon here.  Watch out for Venonat and Girafarig, as well as a chance to catch some evolved verisions of Pokémon you may have seen earlier, like Noctowl (night) Pidgeotto (day) and Mokoko.  There are also some more trainers.  Don't go in the gatehouse by the Mahogany end of this route or a Rocket wil steal $1000 from you.  Keep going north until you find the Lake.

Lake of Rage

In the centre of the lake is a special coloured Pokémon, the Red Gyrados.  Special coloured Pokémon are more powerful than normal ones, so try and catch it for a good addition to your team.  It is level 30, and you only get one try.  After its gone, come out of the water and go to the sign. You'll see Lance.  He asks you to help him dispose of Team Rocket from Mahogany.  Head back towards the town.  Go left and cut down all the bushes to get a few items, then go in the house in the top left-hand corner to get TM10-Hidden Power.  Now go back into the town.

Team Rocket HQ

Go into the shop to find Lance again. Talk to him and he'll open up a trapdoor for you. This is the Team Rocket hideout.  Fight at the first level... then make your way down where you'll meet Lance again. He'll heal your Pokemon.  Lots to see and do and many Team Rocket to fight.  Once you've defeated all the Rockets and got the items, the electronic door will unlock.  This leads to the Rocket boss.  Defeat him, talk to the bird and get a password.  Open the door to the reactor now that you have the password.  Lance will come and help you.  He will sort out the right side of the reactor, you take the left.  Fight all the Electrodes and when you're done, Lance will give you HM06-Whirl Pool for your help.  Next stop is the gym.


This is the Ice Gym.  Meet the leader, Pryce.  You have to manuever around the ice in the right order to get to him.  Defeat Pryce and you'll get TM 16-Freezing wind.  You'll also earn an Glacier Badge.

Route 44

This route is short, but has its fair share of trainers.  If you surf across the small pond in the middle, you can catch Lickitung and Tangela in the grass.  Go right as far as you can to find the Ice Path enterance.


Ice Path

Inside, you'll have to slide around alot like you did in the Ice Gym.  There are lots of items to be found, most notably HM07-Waterfall.  This is your last HM.  Also be sure to catch your first ice type Pokémon, Swinub and Jynx, and Delibird in Silver.  They'll come in handy in the next gym.


Blackthorn City

This is where the 8th Gym is but you won't be able to enter it just yet.  Heal your Pokemon, and get a Pokémon with HM02-Fly, if you haven't already.  Fly back to Goldenrod, and go to Radio Tower.   

Rocket's Radio Tower

Since you were last here, Rockets have taken over.  Go up the levels, fighting Rockets as you go.  The man at the top will give you a key after you beat him.  With this key, you can now open the door at the underground tunnel, which was previously locked.  Go through the passageway.  Fight more rockets, and unlock the iron doors (it's a random combination).  Go upstairs and save the man who has been trapped.  He will reward you with a KEY CARD.  You come out in the Basement of the shop.  Now you can enter the part of Radio City Tower which was previously blocked.  Go to the 3rd floor and open the door on the right with the Key Card.  Keep going up till you find the male and female bosses of Team Rocket.  Beat them and all the Rockets will vanish from Goldenrod.  Fly back to Blackthorn for the last gym.

Blackthorn City (again)

You'll need HM04-Strength for this one.  Also, come with some good Ice type Pokémon, or teach your other Pokémon some Ice attacks.  Go up to the top floor and push the boulders through the holes in the floor.  These create platforms in the lava that you can walk across.  Clair is at the top.  She uses Dragons, so thise ice attacks come in handy.  Once you've beaten her however, you don't get your bagde.  Apparently, she isn't sure if you deserve it, and she wants you to go to Dragon's Den and find the Dragon Fang to prove it.  Go out of the gym and surf behind it.  The cave the old man was blocking before is now open.  Make sure you have a Pokémon that knows HM06-Whirlpool, and go in.

Dragon's Den

Surf around to the left until you come to a Whirlpool.  Use HM06 to dispose of it.  Keep surfing round until you find a platform with an item on.  Pick it up.  It is an emblem which strengthens dragon Pokémon.  As soon as you've got it, Clair comes up to you.  She gives you the badge.  Before leaving, be sure to catch the cool Dratini from the water.

After the 8th badge...

You know what's coming, a battle with the Elite four.  But you don't have to go yet.  There's a lot of places you can go back to.  Return to New Bark and talk to Elm.  He will give you a Master ball, and the wing you need.  Next, you should catch your version's first legendary bird.

Ho-oh (GOLD)

Fly back to Ecruteak City.  Go down the underground passage to get to the other temple - Tin Tower.  This is where Ho-oh is.  Travel up the floors, collecting all the items.  You can also catch a Ghastly if you want.  The main obstacles you'll come across in this tower are jumping platforms: platforms you can jump forward off but not backwards.  If you go in the wrong direction you may have to go back a long way.  You'll also find a lot of teleporters on the 8th floor.  You have to warp all over the floor to find the stairs to the roof.  When you get there, you'll find Ho-oh.  Save the game.  Ho-oh is a fire and flying type.  He is level 40 when you encounter him in Gold and level 70 in silver.

Lugia (SILVER)

Fly to Oilvine City.  Surf south on Route 40 like you did before.  Keep as far right as you can.  You'll come to the first of the Whirl Islands.  Keep going south until you find the whirlpool that gives you access to it.  Use HM06 to get rid of the whirlpool, then go around the outside of the island until you find the cave enterance.  Go inside and use HM04-Flash to light the place up.  There are lots of good water Pokémon you can catch in here, both on land and in the water.  Go right and upwards at the fork in the road.  Follow the path round until you come to some water.  Surf on it, then go down the waterfall.  Surf up into the cave.  Luiga is swimming in the water here.  Save, then fight him.  He is a psychic and flying type, but is actually more likely to use water attacks.  He is level 40 when you encounter him in Silver and level 70 in gold.

Once you have your bird

There are lots of places you can go back to to get some good items, to gain some experience, or to catch some rare Pokémon.

Union Cave - Get Lapras (FRIDAY only)

Long time since you were here, isn't it?  Go back in and then to the bottom left corner.  Surf across the small stretch of water then go down into the basement.  Fight the trainer, the surf across to the right and fight another.  Go up the stairs to the next cave.  Surf on the water again, heading downwards.  There are more trainers, and some items.  Go left onto the ground again, then go down.  Surf right.  On a Friday, Lapras swims in this pool.

Ruins of Alph - Complete your Unowndex, get Natu and Smeargle

Now you have all the HMs you can get to the other Unown puzzles.  First, go through the Gatehouse on Route 32 to enter Ruins of Alph area.  Go straight down after coming out the gatehouse.  There is some water here.  Surf downwards, then go in the cave.  Arrange the tiles to look like a Ho-oh.  You'll fall into the Tomb again, with the second set of Unown.  Catch all the ones you can now.  If you come back after doing the other puzzles, there will be more varieties, so it will be harder to get the one you want.  Next, return to Route 32 and enter the Union Cave.  Go back up to the first floor as you did before.  Surf across the water, heading up and right.  There are some more trainers here.  Go left and up.  Go out of the cave to find a grassy are, another trainer, and the third puzzle.  In the grass you'll find lots of Natu, and a few Smeargle.  Arrange the puzzle tiles to look like an Aerodactyl.  Fall into the tomb.  Catch some more Unown.  Go back into the Union Cave again.  Go upstairs and surf round as you did before.  Just before you get to the cave you went out before, go down.  Move the boulder with HM04-Strength, and head out of the cave.  Here is your last Unown Puzzle.  Arrange the tiles to look like an Omanyte.  Now when you fall into the tomb you can catch all 26 Unown shapes.

Slowpoke Well

Use HM04-Strength to move the rock in the top left corner.  Now surf down.  Go onto the platform and down the stairs.  There are two people down here.  One is a trainer you can beat for TM18-Rain.  The other gives you a King's Rock.  Equip either Slowbro or Poliwhirl with this and trade them to evolve them into Slowking and Politoed.

Mount Mortar - Get Tyrogue

Empty a space in your line-up.  Go back to Route 42 from Ecruteak City.  Surf across the first stretch of water, then go in the cave.  It should be the second enterance you see.  Don't go up the stairs, surf on the water.  Use HM07-Waterfall to get up to the top.  Go in the cave at the very top.  Use surf a lot to work your way around the inner cave.  You'll find a lot of good items, and some good Pokémon too.  Keep going until you find some stairs leading down to the cave below.  Go down and left.  Go down the next set of steps.  Go right.  You'll find a karate trainer.  Beat him, and he'll guve you a Tyrogue.  To get out again, use strength to shift the boulder below you, then surf around to the right.  Go up the stairs and out.

Dark Cave - More exclusive Pokémon

Fly to Blackthorn City.  Go south out of the city onto Route 45.  Here you can catch Gligar and Teddiursa (gold), or  Skarmory and  Phanpy (silver).  To your left is the first enterance to Dark Cave.  Inside is the only place you can catch Wobbuffet and Dunsparce (the latter is very rare, I couldn't find any at all!).  Also, talk to the man in the top left corner for the Blackglasses.  (Strengthens dark attacks)  Go back outside and onto Route 45.  Keep going south to fight some more trainers, and get some items.  Stay right to find a small pool with PP-up in it, and a flower with a rare candy.  When you reach the bottom, head left onto Route 46.  There are more trainers here.  There is another enterance to Dark Cave.  Go in for a few more items, or carry on south.  Jump off the ledge and go back through the gatehouse.  You're now on Route 29, back where you started the game.  Go east until you're back in New Bark.

Tohjo Falls

From New Bark Town, Surf East over the water.  You'll see a guy who only lets you pass if you have 8 badges.  Keep going right.  You'll see a cave.  Go in it.  Use flash inside, then surf left.  Go up the waterfall with HM07.  Head right until you make it out of the cave.  Make sure you pick up the Moon Stone on the left-hand side.

Route 27

You're finally on the way to the Jolt league.  Have a good explore of this route.  Fight all the trainers, as you'll need the experience.  In the little house you'll be given TM37-Sandstorm.  You can also find TM22-Solarbeam, by surfing to a little island to the south.  Once you've gone as far right as you can, head north.

Route 26

Yes, I know you're going backwards, and yes, it is right.  There's another bunch of trainers here.  There's also a house where a woman will heal your Pokémon for you.  Make sure they're at full strength before you enter the gatehouse at the top.

Victory Road

This is shorter than the road in the old version.  There are lots of good Rock Pokémon inside, and silver players can pick up the excellent Donphan, instead of trying to evolve Phanpy.  You'll also find some good items inside, and you'll battle your rival just before you leave.

Indigo Plateau

Click here to find out all about Indigo Plateau and the Elite Four.



S.S. Aqua Ticket

Once you have beaten the Elite Four, you'll be back in New Bark Town again.  Go into Elm's lab, and speak to him.  He will congratulate you on your victory, and give you the S.S. Ticket.  Now fly to Oilvine City.  Go south into the gathouse.  You'll come out on a pier.  Keep going south and you'll find the all new S.S. Aqua, which is a luxury catamaran.  Board it.  Fight all the trainers on the quaters level.  In the room on the bottom right is a man who has lost his daughter.  Go down into the basement.  There is a sailor who won't let you pass.  Go back up.  Go into the room on the right of the room with the PC.  If you have defeated all the trainers, there will be a sailor.  Defeat him and the sailor downstairs will let you pass.  Go left, and up the stairs.  In the next room is the captain, and the lost little girl is talking to him.  Speak to her and she'll go back to her father.  He'll give you the Metal Coat.  Attach this to Onix or Scyther to evolve them into Steelix or Scizor.  The ship has now docked.  Get off it to find your self in.... Vermillion!  Welcome to Kanto!