Gameshark Codes for Pokemon.

Red and blue codes.


Type 01E76D1 in your gameshark and switch it off. Put in first place of your party a Raichu then turn your Gameshark on. Go to Lavender and rename Raichu, PIKABLU (in caps).


Type 010164D1 go into M.T Moon and you will find a Togapie or a hudef-hagah(undiscovered Pokemon)


Type 01E364D1 and switch off your gameshark. Make sure you have one free space in your party and one Pokemon that has special ability such as Venusaur's sleep powder. Turn on the Gameshark. Go in some grass and you will find a Pokemon with a corrupted picture put it to sleep and throw an ultra ball at it and rename it ANTHRAX (in caps).


Type 01C164D1 in your Gameshark and switch it off. Put in first place of your party a  Blastoise. Turn on the switch and go to Lavender and rename Blastois Rainer(in caps)

                                     Pokemon Yellow, red and blue Codes


First put in the code for infinite money 019945D3-019946D3-019947D3.

Now type in 01A47CCF then go to a Pokemart.You will see an item called nickname or name. Buy it and stand with your side to a wall. Go to items and choose nickname or name but don't use it on a Pokemon just click B till you cancil the screen, then you will see Ash and several Pokemon in a line...Then move in the direction of the wall a space or two.Then push start go to view Pokemon then click B twice and you will be over the wall.

                                      Hey, you found the HM06 Code!!!!!!!!

                                    Pokemon Gold and Silver Codes

Steal trainers Pokemon(Gameshark off until fighting trainer) 010116D1
Make any Pokemon Breed 017FF5D9
Unlimited money 019973D5-019974D5-019975D5
Unlimited Rare Candies 0120F0D5
1 hit enemy Kills 010000D1
Have 8 Badges 01FF7CD5
Free master balls 0101F0D5
Always on Bike 010182D6
Unimited HP in battle 01FF2ED0
No Random Battles 01000BD2