K Finch - Vote for a Fresh Start

Dear Electors of St Peter Port,

I would like to represent you, the people of St Peter Port to help deal with the many serious outstanding problems resulting from States policies!

For many years now I have freely given my time to help and advise Guernsey people on ethical Issues of Housing and Human Rights I am an expert on these issues being the Founder President of Guernsey Rights Organisation!

Your freedoms, including "Freedom of Speech" are fundamental rights, which I have always strongly supported!

As a professionally qualified consulting engineer specialising in the field of environmental engineering I have held positions of responsibility and trust with three large international companies! A qualified pro-active businessman, Hotelier, and Past President of the Guernsey Self-Employed Organisation, support local businesses Including the very Important Finance, Horticultural, arid Tourist industries The States needs hardheaded, skilled businessmen, to donate their time and expertise for the common good!

Issues urgently requiring experienced, professional, expertise are:

Thank you for taking your time to read the above.

Please contact me on Tel : 37332 Fax : 36764 e-mail : [email protected] should you wish to have my views on any other Issues that you consider important.

Your Vote for me will ensure that I can reverse the present institutionalised policies of decisions, made secretly behind closed doors

A sensible "Open Government" system would be much better for you and your family than the existing secretive, "Overt Government", System!

K Finch - Vote for a Fresh Start