Relyon Quality at Guernsey Bedding Centre

At Guernsey Bedding Centre we have a range of Relyon sofa beds, frames, divans and mattresses for you to try out. Why not drop in and see what we have to offer? There's a style for every taste, and even if we don't have your dream bed in stock, our suppliers are only a phone-call away if you find what you want in their catalogue.

Relyon Beds - the best beds in the world

Renowned for creating the best beds in the world, Relyon have a reputation that's been earned and protected over 140 years.

Relyon not only make THE most comfortable beds - they create years of wonderful, restful nights' sleep for every customer.

The company invests far more than time and craftsmanship in every supreme quality bed that carries the Relyon name - every one a tribute to their famously high standards.

The company uses only THE BEST raw materials and imposes the strictest controls at every stage of production, constantly monitoring quality and testing materials and products in their own in-house laboratory.

Every mattress, divan and bed frame is designed and constructed with care and minute attention to detail. The majority of the work is still done by hand - by talented craftsmen with many years' experience working at Relyon's Somerset headquarters.

Relyon work closely with their suppliers, who source materials from around the world including the softest cashmere from the Far East, hair from Australia and timber from Scandinavia.

Relyon use only solid timber - including hardwood corners for added strength - developed specially to meet their standards. Like many of their supplies, Relyon's timber comes from sustainable resources. The timber producer in Sweden consistently plants more trees than it harvests - growing 50 million saplings each year!

Relyon have earned recognition under ISO9002 (formerly BS5750), the benchmark for quality not only in the UK but around the world - an accolade that confirms yet again their promise of maximum quality and total comfort.