The Project

Thank you for visiting this site. Since you've arrived here, you're probably wandering what on earth this site is about. Let the explanation begin.

Questions You Want Answering

1. What is The Project?
The Project is an attempt to see how many people will be drawn to a dull website that contains no real information [ie, this site].

2. Why should I support The Project?
There's no reason why you should support it. It's a very silly idea. If you don't like the idea of supporting a piece of stupidity on the Internet, then never come back here again.

3. How can I support The Project?
Please see the next section, entitled Supporting The Project.

4. Help! I've been told to come to this site!
Now you're here, go away and tell somebody else about it howeve you can. This can be word of mouth, email messages, links, etc. etc. All that matters is that you tell somebody about it if you like it.

Supporting The Project

There are a number of ways you can support The Project.

  1. Tell somebody you know to visit this site via word-of-mouth, so that they will tell somebody else, and this whole act of stupidity will be kept alive [for more information on the purpose of The Project, please read the next section]
  2. Send somebody an ICQ/AIM/MSN message and ask them to visit this site. Give out any explanation you want to ensure that the person visits the website.
  3. Send an email to a person you know, asking them to visit the website, giving any description needed to entice them into doing so. Do not send random spam mail!
  4. Place a link to The Project from your site. Anybody found linking to the site will also have a link back to them [see the bottom of the site]
  5. Advertise the site in any way possible, apart from unsolicited email [spaam]. This can include billboards, posters, television and radio adverts, anything that spreads the message of The Project.

The Purpose of The Project

What is the purpose of The Project? The purpose of The Project is to thrive upon the Internet; to try and create a site that can claim to be popular yet have no real content or purpose beyond that of gaining viewers. It makes no attempt to entertain, or to give anything to the viewer, beyond the oppurtunity to spread The Project even further. The means by which a person may spread the word of The Project is entirely up to them [beyond our "no spam" policy]; we hope that people will take it upon themselves to find creative ways to advertise this dull site. Particularly memorable methods of the promotion of The Project will be listed upon the site - credit where credit is due, after all.

The Project is maintained by Winston D. Nonrefundable, an active Discordian. He hopes that this website will be supported by the Discordian Movement, whatever that may or may not be, as a whole.

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