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As Of The 10th August 2002 The Hell Hounds Will be Recruiting Again, If You Wish To Apply To Hell Hounds Please Send Either {HND}Bloodhound or {HND}Negligent_Discharge Mail Here If You Are Set Up To Use OutLook Express Or Alternatively Type [email protected] Into Your Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Mail Provider.

When Mailing Hell Hounds Please Include Some Information As To Where You Are From Especially The Time Difference From GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) As This Will Help Us To Get Clan Members Online At The Same Sort Of Times. There Is No Restriction On Where Members Come From, And At Present Have Members In London, The Channel Islands, New York, Chicago And Los Angeles.

When Online As A Clan We Are Always Trying To Work As A Team, And Thusly Need A Variety Of Playing Styles i.e. Sniper, Assault, Base Defence etc. To Aid Us In Adding Diversity To The Clan We Are Trying To Keep An Even Balance Of Styles, So When Contacting Hell Hounds Please Also Include Prefences On Style Of Gameplay, Weaponry, Maps And Game Types.

If You Do Not Feel Like Mailing Hellhounds You Can Usually Find A Hell Hounds Member Online, But please Bare In Mind That While Other Hell Hounds Members Will be Able To Give You Information About The Clan They Will Have To Direct You To Either Myself - {HND}Bloodhound Or {HND}Negligent_Discharge Who Can Give You Help In Applying To Hell Hounds And Ultimately Decide Whether You Are Suitable Material For The High Standards That We Keep.

Hell Hounds Members Are Usually To Be Found On Infiltation Or Elimination Servers, Especially The Sniper City Server, An Elimination With A Specialist Map Downloadable From The Soldier Of Fortune Links At The Bottom Of The Page Or By Typing - SOF2 + Sniper City + Download Map - Into Any Of The Major Search Engines.

Good Luck, And Happy Hunting


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