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This Is A Quick Breakdown Of The Hell Hounds Members So Far, Their Preferences, Weapons & Classifications Within The Clan:

Preferred Game Type
Preferred Map
Preferred Weapon Set
Soldier Classification
Clan No.
{HND}Bloodhound Infiltration Shop Under Siege Assault / Sniper No.1
{HND}Negligent_Discharge Infiltration Columbian Jungle Sniper/ Defence No.2

Contact Me Please

{HND}LaffyTaffy     Contact Me Please   No.4
{HND}.Frost. Capture The Flag Kamchatka 2    Assault No.5
{HND}NightPoet     Contact Me Please   No.6
{HND}Foxhound Infiltration The Shop Contact Me Please Assault No.7
{HND}Tiesto Capture the Flag Raven Offices Assault / Sniper No.8
{HND}IAMTHEBEST     Contact Me Please   No.9
{HND}TheBitch Infiltration Kamchatka 2 Nutter No.10

If Any Members Who Are Reading This Do Not Have A Complete Set Of Information Above, Can You Please Send Me Your Relevant Details Either By E-Mail Or Through The Forum, Stops The Site looking Tacky. Thanks,Bloodhound.


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