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Radio 270.
Radio 390.
Radio Antwerpen.
Radio Caroline.
Capital Radio.
Radio City.
Britain Radio.
Danmarks Commercielle Radio (DCR).
Radio Delmare.
Radio Dolfijn and 227.
Radio Essex.

Radio and TV Tower.
Israel Offshore Radio.
Laser 558.
Radio England.
Radio Hauraki.
Radio London.
Radio NewYork International.
Radio Mercur.
Radio Monique.
Radio Nord.
Radio Northsea International.
Radio Paradijs.
Radio Scotland.
Radio Syd.
Radio Sutch.
Radio and TV Noordzee "REM"
Radio Veronica.

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With changes afoot it is now time to ask you about your favourite stories relating to "Offshore Pirate Radio" It has been awhile since the site has had a revamp and after prompting from many quarters i thought it time to get a move on and build on what we already have. Please keep telling us of your memories of those incredible "Offshore Pirate Radio" days.

One way of doing this would be to write an article and i will publish it here for all to see. It must be relevant to those pirate days. You can also provide a link back to your own site if you wish. There is no limit on the amount of text and you can even E-Mail some gifs or jpegs to place along side your piece.

Please note that i shall soon be adding new areas and other facilities to the site. In the five years that we have been collecting and presenting this information on the internet people have given us a lot of support. Thousands have written and told us of their experiences. Many key players have viewed the site, responded and met old friends.

Soon we will be providing information on the changes so please bookmark the site and visit again. In the mean time please sign our guest book and tell us what you think of "Pirate Radio of the Offshore Kind"





Do you remember these years of Offshore Pirate Radio? If you wish to add anything to these pages then please E-Mail me.

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