Radio Atlanta / Radio Caroline

Built in 1920 the Mi Amigo had served as a coaster until 1961. In 1962 the 470 Ton M.V. Mi Amigo appeared briefly as the Swedish pirate radio station 'Radio Nord'.

On air May 9th, 1964 as ' Radio Atlanta ' but merged with ' Radio Caroline ' in July 1964. She was positioned Three and a half miles off Frinton - on - Sea, Essex .
On board, a 50 Kw Continental Electronics transmitter tuned to 200 metres as 'Radio Atlanta' and later, in July 1964 , 'Radio Caroline' on 259 metres.

Two generators. A 163 ft. high, quarter wavelength aerial.

Programmes, after August 14th 1967 were from 5-30 am til 2 am next day.

The Station 'Logo' was a bell and the 'on air' identification , 'Caroline - the Sound of the Nation'.

After August 14th 1967 this became 'Radio Caroline International' with it's Headquarters at Singel 160, Amsterdam, Holland.

Estimated audience figures in july 1966 , with the North ship: 8,800,000.

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