Radio City ( formerly Radio Sutch).

This station was first on air as Radio Sutch in May 1964 from the Shivering Sands Fort in the Thames Estuary, 9 miles off Whitstable . Five months later it became Radio City . Low power used before September 1965, then they claimed to be useing 20 KW on 299 metres. Aerial mast 240 foot high on the top of 117 foot fort. It claimed to have 3 Million listeners. (1966)  In 1966 it cost only 30 to advertise for thirty seconds. The Station identified itself as : 'Radio City - the Tower of Power.'
Owned by Pop Singer Screaming Lord Sutch until he sold it to Reg Calvert in September 1964 for the princely sum of 5000. Mr Calvert was shot dead in June 1966 after a raid on the fort. The Station closed on February 8th 1967 at Midnight.

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