Danmarks Commercielle Radio (DCR)

Frequency : 93.97 mHz
Location : On board the mv 'Lucky Star' in international waters.
Owners : Etablissement Technique International, Liechtenstein.
Advertising Agents : Ekko Reklame, Nasborgvey, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hours of transmission : 3.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

The station it all started with, the Danish 'Radio Mercur', went through a rather difficult period at the end of 1960. Staff and some of the better co-operators had developed a totally different view on the programming. A lot of the Radio Mercur deejays and producers blamed the staff for their greed for profit. The result was a fall in the standard of programmes, they claimed.
Some of the senior employees tried to buy out most of the staff. Their plan failed and so popular people as Anders Dahlerup, Nete Schreiner and Hans Vangkilde left the station to start their very own one.
Via a number of covering companies a 240 ton freighter of Lebanese registration, the 'Nijmah Al Hazz' was hired and renamed as 'Lucky Star'.
On the 15th September 1961 the new station started broadcasting on FM, with a power of 20 kW.
The ship had been fitted out in Belgium with an American antenna and a German transmitter. Programmes were pre-recorded in Copenhagen and differed a lot from the light music 'Radio Mercur' used to play. DCR broadcast more serious programmes such as opera, discussions and plays. The FM-frequency was ideal for that kind of show.
However, the Danish listeners didn't appreciate the mixture of commercial and state radio programmes. The DCR story came to its end on 31st January 1962 when the station merged with Radio Mercur...
DCR was the first offshore station ever to close down of its own free will.

This Historical look at Danmarks Commercielle Radio (DCR) was researched and compiled by "RadioVisie/Jean-Luc Bostyn." in Belgium.

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