Radio Dolfijn.

Radio Dolfijn.
Radio 227


Following the close of Radio England, a Dutch language station opened in its place, broadcasting from 6.00am to Midnight in a format similar to Britain Radio. Popularly known as 'Flipper Radio', the station met with a reasonable response in Holland. In early 1967 the evening hours were filled with Top 40 music, and this proved more popular than the daytime format.
When the ship returned to her anchorage following repairs, Radio 227 took to the air following this format throughout the day.

On Friday 21st July 1967, the DJs on board were told that the station was closing at 6.00pm that day, and their services would not be required after 1.00pm, as the last five hours were already on tape. The men left the ship, and after staying in Harwich overnight, flew to Holland from Southend on the Saturday.

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