"Big" Jim Murphy.

Weekend "December 1-7 , 1965.
He's a 6- foot - 5 Texan. He wears dark glasses because his eyes are "sensitive to light". His accent is so thick that he's difficult to understand. And every night, thousands of fans tune into his Midnight Surf Party on Radio Caroline.
Big Jim Murphy is an important part of the new Britain. The britain that is no longer insular. The britain that impresses even a texan. "Everything is happening here. People are alive. Anybody under 35 has more opportunity to make it here than anywhere else. It's a young man's country and i want to be part of it."
Like many Americans, he'd never given much thought to Britain. For him it was "funny cops, pubs and squares". He stopped off in London on his way to Spain, took a quick look around and decided to stay.For good.
He first took up residence atop a flagpole. He was determined to stay up there until his private record got into the top ten. It took 6 days.. Then Big Jim came down and went off to the Isle of Man and Radio Caroline.

Being a disc jockey "satisfies every desire a person has for glamour" and and working for a pirate radio station is "adventure on the high seas". The high seas are 3 miles or so off the Manx coastline, but its far enough away. "We all stay aboard for two weeks at a time. It's two weeks on, one week off. Then we do shows on land or go up to London to dig the scene." He already feels British. Says it's because the young are so important here. They set the pace, make the changes, call the tune. He says "it's like Texas must have been when my grand daddy was a boy- full of straight-shooters." Being a straightforward individual does count here. It shows up in everything people do, think, wear, listen to. Big Jim Murphy knows what he's talking about. He says Britain belongs to the young, it certainly does.