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POKeMON Gold and Silver are the complete sequels to Red and Blue. From the 151 monsters in the first game, 100 extra have been added. Like Mew in Red and Blue(a POKeMON that has not been prooved to exist) there is a 251st monster that collectors are unsure about. Gold and Silver have been long awaited, but it will take more waiting before they are officially translated by Nintendo. Title Screen

Paulsite has found some shots through a lot of research.

pkmn GOLD
Night Time in Gold

Certain monsters can only be found at night and others arrive in different places.
Gold and Silver feature new POKeMON that can be seen in the movie and series, but also features other new titbits. One includes a marvelous day-night system. When the game begins, you select a time, for example, "7h 30m night". If your clock(which is in real time) is on a night time, the game will appear to be at night, and the same with day and daytime.
In Gold and Silver, you have similar oportunities to catch POKeMON. In tall grass and caves, you can see wild monsters. Weaken them with your own and use your POKeBALL to bag 'em. You have the same chance to give them a nick name or not.
Got Bellsprout
The POKeMON you catch can be added to your POKeDEX, like in the original games, with a short description. Even the POKeMON from Red, Blue and Yellow can be caught in Gold and Silver.
POKeMON Gold and Silver have got a new item storage system, using a backpack. You can put items in the front poket or side pockets allowing you to hold more items at once in a more organised way. All these extras make POKeMON GOLD and SILVER games to buy!

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