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Mission: Impossible 2

The sequel to the blockbuster hit, Mission: Impossible. Staring Tom Cruise as agent Ethan Hunt, returning for this second M:I film. Featuring a dis-similar style to the original film, which in places is not that different from The Matrix, but why not? Matrix was really an incredible film, and worth seeing. More of that style is never a problem. Ofcourse, we must not forget this is the famous Mission: Impossible, featuring that famous theme tume (with a faster, rock style 'remix' by limp bizkit) and is based on that famous series. M:I 2 does not lack an intruiging storyline, and does not lack that secret agent sneaky business. But, not so surprisingly, there's the usual female co-star like in the first film (but with a 'twist') and like in the many James Bond films. M:I 2 features a little confusion which unravels slowly, and shows the return of Luther and the infamous facemaker! Hooray!!! it also comes with plenty of twists and is strangely funny in places. Plenty of action, and intense moments to boot!
Storyline: 91%
Film Quality: 89%
Overall: 90%
With the opertunity to patch up some of the mistake in the first film, although that style was probably good enough, M:I 2 boasts quality in many ways. Not just a failed attempt at the Matrix. Good Job...