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POKeMON Pinball allows you to collect all 150 monsters through a pinball table. The main revolution of POKeMON Pinball is the rumble equipped cart. On the options screen, you can select rumble ON or OFF. You try to complete your POKeDEX through this highly addictive game. Pinball Title Screen
Pinball Options Screen

Red and Blue Tables

Diglett Stage
Unlike the normal POKeMON games, you only have to buy one cart that comes with RED and BLUE versions. There is no need to trade and no need to fight. Your POKeMON gain experience in an evolution mode. The tables have their own special features, but in each one, you have to select your location from the TOWN MAP by pressing A as the places flick by on the screen. You controll two flippers and the ability to shunt the table. You flick around a POKeBALL and get bonusses and special stages including Meowth Stage. The table comes with bonus slots and the ability to swith locations after certain times. To catch the desired monster, you have to slot your POKeBALL in the mouth of BELLSPROUT or CLOYSTER. A silhouette of the POKeMON will appear and you have to hit one of three SHELLDERS or VOLTORBS to uncover one part of the silhouette. When the monster is revealed you must hit it three times untill the word CATCH appears and then hit it a final time. Harder than it sounds but verry addictive.
Your POKeDEX has the same POKeMON, but with different images and a different, full color system. Like in the origonal game, if you see a monster, but don't catch it, you can still see at least a silhouette of the creature.
Growlithe Pokedex
Bulbasaur Pokedex

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