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Here is your chance - view your Pokemon in glorious 3D, and see their moves in full action. The monsters from you gameboy can be uploaded to fight against the trainers on the game. If you do not have the gb game, however, you will still be able to battle with rental pkmn. 149 of the 150 pkmn are available to rent - Not including Mewtwo as that is a privalege to those who dished out the cash the get the original game. If you have Mew, you can also use him, but certain competitions on the game will not allow it.
All the Pokemon look incredible and are well animated. Some of the best Pokemon to see in 3D are Charizard, Mewtwo and Mew. Charizard roars, throws back his head before frying the opposition and generally looks great. Mewtwo is brilliant to the last detail, and even appears strong enough to take on any pkmn, as after each attack he regains composure and looks threatening. Mew, who is very samll compared to the others (exept Rattata and other small monsters) floats in mid-air, and can pull off any attack with style. The attacks look better still. The monsters act differently to another Pokemon using the same move.
There are a bunch of mini-games to play to relax from battle. They include "Run, Rattata, Run", "Clefairy Says" and "Rock Harden". We will not tell you what happens in each battle, as the most exciting thing about the mini-games is finding out what each one is by yourself, so you have more fun!
You can view your Pokedex in 3D, trade Pokemon with a friend using two transfer paks, and you can arrange the items on your gameboy cartridge and N64. The Pokedex looks incredible. You get to see your 3D pkmn from any angle you choose, and get to check out which will look better in a battle.
You are able to even play the game boy game on your N64 with the transfer pak. Your N64 will give the game wonderful colour and will allow you get the game without having to buy a gameboy as well. The game is easy to see, and - as it is on a TV - does not need to be reflected in the light like with the gb, so you can play in the dark!
Stadium is packed with features, including the ability to battle the Gym Leaders and his/her three apprentices in Gym Leader Castle. The main action takes place in the Stadium where you can enter in three cups :- Pika Cup (pkmn lvls 15-20) / Petit Cup (pkmn lvls 20-25, pkmn height no more than 2m) / Poke Cup (pkmn lvls 50-55) / Prime Cup (no pkmn lvl limit. Enemies are all lvl 100). The Prime cup is the only cup that allows Mew! Ohterwise yo can play a free battle of one to four players where you can select anything goes - Including Mew!

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