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Paulsite Games Excellency Grade... ?

Paulsite Excellency Grade is given to the best games that are reviewed. Usually, if a game gets over 90% overall, it is considered. Also, the Ps Games Excellency Grade can be given to Reviews sent in, whether on games Paulsite has already given the grade or on new reviews

0% - 10% Very, very poor, not really worth the time considering the game's existence (seldom if ever given)
11% - 25% Poor, Paulsite recognises it as a game, but does not recognise its right to be sold.
26% - 35% Not to good at all. Maybe showing a little potential, but it aint worth the dough!
36% - 45% A little silver lining somewhere, but it does not make the game much better.
46% - 55% Getting there, just a little more and it is OK to buy.
56% - 65% Just pushing into the minds of gamers, not recommended by Paulsite.
66% - 70% May be worth it, if you like that sort of thing.
71% - 80% Good mark, worthy to put your hand in your pocket and dish!
81% - 85% Very Good, a few downers, but well worth the green.
86% - 90% Great, a game that is recommended by Paulsite.
91% - 95% Excellent, a possible Ps Games Excellence Grade.
96% - 99% Incredible!!! Buy it now. The game to get, a most definate Ps Games Excellence Grade.
100% PERFECT - Impossible to get!!! No game gan be that good.