Paulsite Games
Suzuki Alstare

Where have the decent motorbike racing games been? Well, the Dreamcast is where they return. Suzuki Alstare allows you to race against Suzuki's finest racers to get into the Suzuki fist team. By making your way through different sessions made up of a few races each, you must progress into the reserve team then into the main team until you are the best.
There are loads of tracks, bikes and even a choice of three different leathers. As you make your way through each one-player session, you will unlock more tracks and bikes. These can be used in single-player races, or two-player head to heads. They will also be available for the next session.
This game is fast, with incredible graphics. It is another game that prooves the Dreamcast's ability to produce great games, just showing that it definately should not be written off as a competitor for the best console.

Graphics - 98%
Gameplay - 88%
Good game, one of the best motrbike games around!