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Worms Armageddon is the newest Worms game yet. As many people may remember, Worms and Worms: Reinforcements started the craze for the little creatures, but Worms 2 caused it to sky rocket. With extra features, missions, weapons and other stuff, W:A is more than just and add on to Worms 2 (like Reinforcements was to Worms), it is a completey new game that does not need Worms 2 to run!

W:A features include:
Extra sound effects including the Worms 2 sounds(a great Sound FX is "Drill Seargent", with phrases such as --> "That's a court marshal offense soldier" when a worm skips his go). Along with new sound effects, you can add your own. If your a fan of The Simpsons, for example, just go to http:\\
The ability to play on the Web with an advanced network system.
The ability to add fanfares for each team, so that after a victory, it plays their tune. You can also download others (a good one to download is Imperial March from Star Wars).
You can PATCH W:A giving more features.
Design your own gravestones in MS Paint, or download them from the net. This is all thanks to the fact that W:A brought back the ability to choose your teams gravestone that the origonal Worms games also had.
Choose a flag for your team from many world countries or if you have the PATCH, design your own in paint as well.
Choices in terrain or the option to create your own and even import files.
PLUS extra weapons including Skunk, Mole bomb, Mine strike, Aqua Sheep and ARMAGEDDON, the move that nobody can escape from. Armageddon causes a meteor shower that continues long enough to almost wipe out every worm on the terrain.