The gospel according to the Guernsey Mafia

"Machiavellianism" is derived from the political doctrine of Machiavelli who wrote a book for unscrupulous governments to remain in power, which was then adopted and refined over the past decade to become the training manual for Police forces, security services, political parties and the Guernsey Mafia who use it against the population of Guernsey to spread fear.

This Machiavelli has been responsible for many peoples deaths who did not know what was going on.

"Machiavellianism" is practiced and used to good advantage by the Guernsey police who use this character assassination on people’s families to win their confidence.

The gospel according to Machiavelli is to turn friends against friends, brothers against sisters split families and cause chaos in the streets.

You can read more about Machiavelli and his writing’s by taking the book out the library if it has not been removed from the shelves!

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